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   Chapter 495 Sending Flowers

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9609

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He had imagined many times to pursue Leila, but he couldn't convince himself as for his identity. Now that everyone could see it, he didn't mind doing so.

"Then you go to buy a bunch of roses and send it to her room until she appears." Billy raised his hand and put it on Cloris's shoulder. He was glad of not being beating again.

He ran quickly towards the flower shop outside the hotel. He felt lucky that he had finally done something useful for Billy.

When Billy arrived at the guest room of the hotel, Billy stood in the corridor. Although he didn't want to be recognized, the roses in his hand were so conspicuous that they attracted a lot of people's attention and screams. Everyone was guessing who Billy was going to give the flowers to, and they were also looking forward to know which woman was so lucky to be favored by the goddess of fortune.

But when they saw the name "Leila Song " on the banner behind Cloris, they were all suspicious of Billy's aesthetic taste. Unfortunately, Billy was too famous here, and the customers passing by looked at him. He couldn't hold on any longer, so he asked Cloris to replace him on his seat. When Leila came out of the room, She didn't dare to show any interest about the surrounding things. When she was about to leave, Cloris came to her with roses in his arms. "Miss Song, this is a gift from our Master. I hope you like it."

Leila looked at Cloris in astonishment and recognized that he was one of the followers of Billy. "What? Does him want to take a chance to revenge? Ask him to come over as soon as possible." Leila wanted to leave, but Cloris followed her like a shadow.

"As long as you accept the flowers, I will leave. I promise."

Leila had no choice but to take the flowers. Suddenly, Billy came to Leila with a playful smile. Leila had always been cold to him. She threw the flowers into the arms of Billy and said, "Boring!"

Leila had made a fool of Billy in public just now, because she didn't want to give him any chance to be close with her. It had been the third day since she came here. Although she had nothing to do every day, it seemed that she was suffering every day. With Tansy by her side, the two women didn't know what to do.

Billy and Cloris just stood there. "I've told you that it won't work. She's just like a piece of wood." Billy threw the roses on the ground.

"Boss, don't worry. You must hold on. Maybe she is testing you." Cloris standing by his side and comforting him, Billy didn't get so angry.

As Mr. Lu, there were many women around Billy. He had never been treated like this by Leila, but this woman was different from other women. He was attracted by Leila, but Billy was not angry, no matter what Leila had done to him.

After dinner in the restaurant, Leila and Tansy planned to have a talk with Billy. If there was no need to continue the cooperati

for us to go back!"

When she was about to leave, Billy held her hand disappointedly. "Why can't you wait for the result so soon? If I tell you there is still room for manoeuvre, will you still be so willing to leave?"

Leila turned around and looked at him, as if she didn't believe that these words came out of the mouth of the Billy. Billy was just threatening her before.

"I hope you can understand what you are talking about. We have been delayed for three days. I don't want you to continue to act like this. It will leave a bad impression !"

The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. Leila's words meant that she wouldn't leave here for the time being. Billy breathed a sigh of relief and put his hands in his pockets to restore his cynicism. "Don't worry. I won't let you down!"

His tone was full of ambiguity. Standing aside, Tansy blushed. She could tell that there was something wrong with the way Billy looked at Leila, and even some ambiguity. She also understood why Johnson had always asked her to do this job.

Leila took Tansy back to her room to have a rest, and Tansy followed her. "Miss Leila, did Billy do it on purpose? He looks like... "


"He seems to like you very much!"

"Don't talk nonsense!"

Leila stopped her in time. The more obviously Billy behaved, the more people around them knew. She just wanted to finish the work here as soon as possible and then leave here.

Tansy nodded and left the room silently. Max was at least one hundred and eight thousand times better than Billy, and Leila wouldn't like Billy either.

Max was restless. Leila had something to hide from him, and she didn't even know how to lie, let alone an accident on the phone. He heard that she only brought a little assistant with her. If anything happened to her, he didn't know how these two women would deal with it.

Without hesitation, Max boarded the plane to Hainan.

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