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   Chapter 494 Poisoned By Her

Love Takes Time By Chang Du Characters: 9338

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"Leila Song, you took away everything that belonged to me. Give it back to me as soon as possible..."

In the darkness, Leila saw the figure of Rosa from a distance. Rosa said firmly and cried to ask Leila to give back everything that belonged to her. Leila ran back in fear, and Rosa chased after her closely. At last, Leila fell to the ground. Seeing the bloody tears on Rosa's face, Leila shouted, "ah, no..."

Then she sat up on the bed and looked at the time. It was three o'clock in the morning, and it was still dark outside. Sweat fell from her face and she gasped heavily, which made Leila understand what had just happened. She recalled everything and the realistic scene, only to find that she was dreaming.

But the dream was so real that Leila believed it might happen soon. She had to be vigilant and lie down again, but she could no longer close her eyes, staring straight at the faint light of the table lamp.

Rosa was still lingering in Leila's mind. Leila frowned. She hadn't had such a nightmare for a long time, and she had married Max. She shouldn't have had such a dream even at night alone!

She took out her phone and wanted to call Max. It was very late. The first time was an accident, but this time she didn't seem to be so lucky. This time Max's phone was transferred to the Secretary, no one would wait for her call in the middle of the night. She gave up after only one call.

But he didn't expect that Robert would call her back. When he heard Leila's voice, he was stunned. "What happened?"

Leila didn't sleep at night and called Max. He was alert. Either something happened, or Leila was not used to being alone when she was on a business trip.

"No I can't fall asleep! "

The brief words revealed a lot of information. Robert comforted her for a while and hung up the phone.

Leila looked out of the window soberly. She thought that they would stay here for only one day. Leila didn't except they wasted a whole day in a hotel. She decided to go to see Billy at dawn.

Since Billy left the hotel angrily, he couldn't help feeling very angry when he saw that everyone looked at him in a wrong way. But in front of so many people, and his father was sitting on the stage. No matter how lawless he was, he couldn't attack Leila in front of his father so blatantly.

He walked into the hall of the hotel alone and looked for many times to see if anyone would recognize him. Cloris followed him. "Master, are you okay? Are you okay?"

Billy turned around and slapped Cloris on the shoulder. "Are you really silly or are you just pretending to be silly? Don't you see how embarrassed I was because of what happened before? So many people are laughing at me. Do you think I'm fine or not? " Billy looked at Cloris. Cloris said, "I think you are

looked at Cloris and Cloris, who were secretly looking at him the same time. "Boss, are you really going to chase that woman?" Cloris was confused.

"Even you can see this? You are right. If that woman really falls into my arms, it should be good! "

Billy shrugged his shoulders proudly, trying to show his manner as a Master in front of Cloris, but when he heard Cloris's words, he almost couldn't stand firm. "But that woman is also a good match for you. After all, you two have the same personality."

"Poof!" Billy did an action as vomiting of blood, and slapped on the shoulder of Cloris, who was a few steps back. "Boss, can you not hit the same place next time?"

Billy raised his hand and wanted to slap Cloris again, but Cloris had already hidden far away, so Billy could only stand still.

"Come here. I won't hit you." Billy pointed to Cloris and shouted, Cloris vigilant step by step to move to the side of Cloris, Billy looked at Cloris disgusted, "Do you really want me to chase that woman? How can I promise the manager that idiot? Is he playing tricks on me on purpose?"

Billy didn't want to believe what the manager had said, but he still couldn't believe what he had seen. How could he agree so rashly.

Cloris nodded, "Boss, you must chase that woman this time. You have made a bet with manager Lu. If you don't make a travel promise, I'm afraid manager Lu won't let you go." Cloris standing far away from Billy, fearing that Billy would hit him because of anger, Billy waved his hand and said, "Come here and help me analyze what I should do to chase with that woman. It's because of manager Lu."

Cloris came to him, "Boss, roses. Every woman likes roses. It must be the romantic roses that gets a girl's heart always."

Billy nodded and took a look at Cloris. Finally, Cloris did a good thing and this suggestion was good.

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