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   Chapter 492 Stop It

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"Stop it. I don't want to talk to you so much now. I'm tired and want to have a rest!"

Billy took the two of them into the car and went back to the hotel. Unexpectedly, he stood in Leila's room and had no intention of leaving. Leila glared at him irritably, "What do you mean? I want to rest. Why don't you leave?"

Tansy was arranged to another room. The man looked at Leila playfully. Although the woman in front of him had a grand wedding not long ago, he didn't understand what was so good about her that he was so obsessed with her. He even called Johnson to ask Leila to come.

"Don't you have anything to say to me?"

The man approached her and could clearly feel her faint breath. Leila looked up at him expressionlessly, "What do you want? I'm married now. I don't want you to disturb my life! "

Billy sneered. He didn't want to do that, but his damn heart kept coming out and told him that he missed this woman crazily. Even if they met her once and mocked each other, he could feel better. Billy raise Leila's chin with his slender fingers.

Leila ruthlessly knocked off his hand and said, "That's enough. Now I'm here according to your requirements. If you have any requirements, just say it, but I hope you can understand that your decision will affect the interests of the two companies!"

Billy didn't take it seriously at all. He had investigated the operation of Johnson's company before. Although it was not a large-scale company, Billy didn't know if he could accept that Max gave him so big cake this time.

Leila pushed Billy to the door, but there was still a smile on his face. Leila was in a good mood to see Leila, and he even felt that as long as he took a look at her from afar, he would be satisfied.

"I like the way you get angry from embarrassment! See you tomorrow. "

He said and left.

Leaning against the door, Leila didn't know what to do. Thinking of what Johnson had said, she felt heavy in her heart. She didn't expect that Johnson could do anything for interests, even using his own daughter as a bargaining chip.

She bit her lips angrily. It was getting dark outside. Leila quietly looked at the scenery in the sky, from which she could see the tourists on the beach. She suddenly thought of Max. She had just left him for one day, but felt as if she hadn't seen him for a long time.

After thinking for a while, she dialed his number. The noise was accompanied by the laughter of the man next to her. Leila clenched the phone subconsciously. This man should be in a bar now, so would what happened before happen again?

A bad feeling came up. Leila found that she didn't have a sense of security. "You Where are you? It seems very noisy over there? "

A series of temptations made her heart beat non-stop. She could even imagine the scene where several men were drinking at the same time. No one would believe it if only these men drank!

Max simply nodded, and his brief words made Leila more certain of her thou

y in front of everyone. He had thought that if Leila was nice to him today, he would consider not to make a fool of Leila in front of so many people. After all, it was not a good thing that Billy had a grudge against Max, and even they would be laughed .He didn't want the whole city to know about it, but Leila didn't save his face. Billy had to wait for Leila to apologize to him in front of everyone.

This was a simple welcome meeting held in the hotel, which was enough to see that the Lu Group attached great importance to the cooperation, but these activities were not prepared for Leila. The purpose of Billy was just to make a fool of Leila.

After the emcee on the stage finished his speech, the company leaders were invited to give a speech one after another, and Leila was asked to go up to give a speech by Billy, which made Leila very nervous. Billy had been looking at her complacent snicker all the time. Her face was livid stand by Tansy's side.

Soon, the speech of the people in front of her was over. Leila slowly walked onto the stage. When she stood in front of the microphone, there was a sudden uproar. They didn't expect that the people of the Song Group really dared to stand on the stage, and the crowd began to boil.

Leila bowed deeply and looked down firmly.

Uncle Lu was also sitting on the host's seat. He was surprised at first, and then saw Leila's behavior. Uncle Lu nodded in approval. This woman was very polite.

Then Leila held the microphone in one hand and pointed at Billy with excitement in the other. "Billy, you are a scumbag, a scum. I won't like you. You are a toad who wants to eat swan meat, aren't you?" Leila finished her words in one breath and rushed downstairs.

Uncle Lu was surprised to see Leila was so excited. She was fine at first, but now she said these words to Billy. He didn't dare to be sure with Billy. His own son was a playboy. He didn't expect that he would get into trouble to their home and company now.

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