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   Chapter 490 Don't Pretend To Be Kind

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10321

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"That's enough, Johnson. You'd better stop pretending to be kind to me. I'm here today to tell you that I'm going to resign. As for the cooperation with the Mu Group, if you can continue, then you continue. If you can't, I can only feel regret!"

Hearing that, Johnson's face changed dramatically. The cooperation had exhausted the human and material resources of the Mu Group. If it was cancelled, although he could get the liquidated damages of the Mu Group, it was not good for the future development of the Song Group. Johnson's tone softened and he sighed slightly.

"Leila, I'm your father anyway. Come to my office with me!"

Johnson took Leila to the office, where there were only two people. He didn't hide anything. He thought that there would be another turning point when things came to this. He thought that Leila would definitely ask Max to terminate the cooperation with the Song Group. But he didn't expect that after waiting for the whole morning, there was no news. The Mu Group was extremely quiet.

So it occurred to Johnson that he wanted to ask Leila something, "Leila, you need to deal with the matter in Hainan, and all the people we sent have been withdrawn. It seems that you have a good relationship with Mr. Lu in Hainan. It seems that this time..."

"What do you mean?"

Leila couldn't help frowning. She didn't expect that Johnson would still utilize her. She sneered, "I've already said that I'm Mrs. Mu now. I'm going to resign!"

After all these things, Leila had understood that in the end, whether it was revenge or not, the only person who really treated her was Max, and she also planned to be a good wife and a good mother who would take care of her husband and children. As for Johnson, she believed that he would definitely be punished!

"Resign? At that time, you didn't try your best to enter the Song Group, but why did you retreat so soon? I tell you, if you quit now, you can't get anything! "

"No way! I want to take back the shares of my mother. Johnson Song, you were so despicable to swindle the shares from my mother. You can't take all of them all! "

"Well, I have the final say. Now your mother is gone and there is no testimony to prove her death. How can you prove it?"

Leila couldn't imagine that Johnson was so shameless. She thought he was at least a little guilty to Lillian, but she didn't expect that Johnson would say something like that. It only took a few seconds for Leila to make a very important decision. She was not willing to let him go, nor was she willing to see Lillian die like this, so she wanted to take back what belonged to them.

"I know you hate me because of your mother, but this time as long as you can talk about cooperation with the Lu family in Hainan, I promise you!"

Leila looked at him in disbelief. Johnson had never been so happy before. Even so, Leila still believed him. She didn't want to tangle with him too much!

"What if I don't agree?"

"The whole logistics department will lose their jobs because of you. You have to think it over!"

Despicable! Leila cursed hi

ed his mood.

Orange patted him on the shoulder and joked, "Why did come here. Did your beautiful wife kick you out? Or didn't your sex live in harmony?"

Orange could tell how irritable Max was from the depressed look on Max's face when he touched his chin. Moore pushed Orange away, and he frowned slightly when he saw the look on Orange's face. Moore sat down beside Max, picked up a glass of wine and clinked it with him. "Something may not be like what you see!"

Max leaned against the back of the chair in silence and shook his head. He seldom mentioned anything about him and Leila, but in order to avoid the stiff relationship with her, he chose to go out for drinking.

Standing on the balcony, Leila found that she was not so afraid of heights when she had something on her mind. As time passed by, she couldn't help but call the man.

The phone rang for a while, but no one answered it. She anxiously dialed Robert's number, knowing that Max didn't go to the company today, and was told by Robert that he had arranged a vacation, just to give her a perfect honeymoon trip. Looking at the air ticket, Leila knew that this man had spent a lot of energy, but she couldn't

Thinking of the obvious threat of Johnson, if the whole logistics department was dismissed, She, the so-called Miss Leila would probably become a public arrow, and even Johnson would use other ways to force her to give in.

It was better to solve the cooperation with the Lu Group this time and give Johnson an explanation.

Leila still dialed Max's number again and again, but no one answered. Max was a little anxious, but she didn't know where he was. She didn't know his friends' numbers, so she had to call Matt.

Matt knew that the misunderstandings between the two hadn't been completely resolved. After finding out where Max was, Leila rushed over.

When Max was angry, he threw the glass cup on the ground. The sound of breaking made the two people around him a little scared. Orange immediately opened the door and called someone in to clean it up.

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