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   Chapter 489 The Silent Care

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Squinting at the little woman behind him, Max heard her vicious curse even though she had turned around and lowered her voice. Feeling depressed, Leila quickly came out of the kitchen and poured him a glass of water. "Here!"

Max took it over and stared at her face carefully. "You... What did you just say? "

Leila turned around and sank into the sofa again. Today was the second day after the wedding, but this man's performance really disappointed her. He didn't go home and drank too much before coming back.

Max put down the glass and sat opposite her. Although he knew that the woman was angry, he still wanted to know if she was angry because he drank too much, or perhaps she was angry because he came back late.

The dull atmosphere spread between the two people, and neither of them meant to speak first. What annoyed Leila was that Max left her alone at home. Max was angry because Leila left the wedding banquet without letting him know and pretended to lose her memory!

"Leila, don't you want to explain?"

"Explain what? Don't you have anything to explain to me? Or Did you do it on purpose? "

Leila looked at the man in front of her angrily. She was really guilty for having cheated Max before, but this man seemed to be colder than her. He let her sleep on the sofa in the living room for a whole night.

There was no expression on Max's face. He stood up and walked to the balcony. Leila looked at him. The man was standing on the balcony smoking with a frown. There seemed to be unspeakable sadness between his eyebrows. She didn't believe that it had anything to do with her!

No matter what, Leila had known that she was wrong. She stared at the man's back silently for a long time before she slowly walked over and grabbed the cigarette in his hand. "Do you still want a child?"

He had always been clamoring to have a second child, but now it seemed that he was not satisfied with their current life. Leila stood silently aside, her heart was beating so fast. Fortunately, the man did not lose his temper on her. He turned around and looked at her seriously. "Leila, you finally admit that you did it on purpose!"

Sure enough, Max still cared about these. Leila lowered her head and didn't say anything. After a long silence, she slowly raised her head and looked at him. "I have said what I should say. If you are still not satisfied, I have nothing to say. It's your own body!"

She turned around and ran out in household clothes. It was already evening. When Leila ran into the elevator and went downstairs, a taxi happened to pass by.

She couldn't go to the Song family. The only place she could go now was the old house of the Mu family. She wanted to see Flower.

After she left, Max ran out and saw that Leila got on the taxi, and he drove behind her.

After returning to the old house, Leila went to Flower's room quietly. Unexpectedly, Matt haven't slept yet. Seeing her in household clothes, Matt had a bad expression on his face. It was obvious that the couple were at odds.


go back to work as soon as possible. Leila agreed and rushed into the bathroom.

"Honey, today is the second day after the wedding. Are you really going to the company?"

In order to spare time to be with Leila on their honeymoon, Max has worked overtime to do at least half a month of work after that, but now Leila was going back to work in the Song Group. He leaned against the door of the bathroom sadly, "Don't go to the company. It's honeymoon now."

Leila walked out slowly with her hands covering her neck. She felt sorry for the man. They had just made up, and she also hoped to be with him. But judging from the tone of Tansy, there seemed to be something serious happening in the company, so she had to go and have a look.

"Well, don't be like this. You can take a rest. I'll go to the company and come back after a while."

Max watched her leaving the room and thought that the woman would have stayed at home with him. He hadn't told her that he could take her on a honeymoon trip, but that woman had already left in a hurry.

He stood in the room disappointedly. He had thought that after the wedding, this woman would focus on staying at home, but he didn't expect that just a phone call would make her go out in a hurry and leave him alone in the house.

Leila arrived at the Song Group in a hurry. At the entrance of the company, Tansy was waiting for her. "Miss Leila, you're here. The chairman is upstairs!"

"What does she think of the Song Group? She can come and go if she wanted. Listen carefully, if she can't get the corporation with the Lu Group this time, I'll fire the entire logistics department!"

As soon as Leila walked out of the elevator, she heard Johnson's voice. Everyone lowered their heads and dared not resist. Leila walked in angrily, "What's wrong? Can't Mr. Song hold on so soon?"

Johnson turned around and looked at her. Since Leila had known his plan with Lily, Johnson only had the fear of Max for her. "Leila, although I really want to stand up for you, but..."

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