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   Chapter 483 A Dream

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Bella was a little sad, but she really admired her perseverance. She snickered in the corner, but when she looked at they, she couldn't bear to see them hugging each other tightly, and gradually she felt a sense of loss. Since she returned to the Lu family, it seemed that no one really cared about and cared about her as they did now. In them, there was no one really cared about her, they always satisfied her every need with their material lives. No one really cared about what she needed, and she never had a real friend.

When she was having nightmares, she always curled up in the corner. In the past ten years, she had been tortured by the same person, who had tormented her. Bella had never felt warm before. "I will take revenge on you double. What I can't get will never be yours. "

With resentment, Bella turned around. On the autumn night, the trees alongside with fallen leaves, the back of this petite girl looked a little lonely and desolate. Perhaps just as in her heart, Leila had been in the limelight since her childhood, but she had never received the real concern and care from her family, especially when she had seen Leila and Max embracing each other. She felt more furious, as if she had never felt such simple warmth from the beginning.

Another day passed. It seemed that time was passing by quickly. Max could tell that Leila was very nervous, and he had cancelled all his work in the few days before the wedding to accompany her.

As the sky gradually darkened, Leila broke free from Max's arms, "Well, it's time to go home."

At this time, Leila had calmed down a lot. Max followed her with worries until they enter the old house of the Mu family. It was the first time for Max to see a woman overwhelmed by nervousness for the wedding. Shouldn't she feel happy or expectant?

Standing downstairs, Max had a complicated feeling. Maybe he didn't know Leila well, and he didn't doubt Leila's feelings for him. But Leila was really different from other girls.

There were still three days before the wedding.

Lying in bed alone, Leila had a nice nap, which made her, who had never slept in before, feel the benefits of sleeping in. She really wanted to sleep in this way for three days. If she didn't wake up, three days later, the wedding could be finished peacefully, as if she had really made a dream. But this dream was very beautiful, so beautiful that she couldn't believe it. She was still depressed by what Max asked.

She didn't want to get up, didn't want to have meals, and felt uneasy in her heart. Why did this would happen to her? It seemed that all this made Leila feel painful. She opened her eyes powerlessly, the sun was shining outside, and she could no longer enjoy the scenery, and she maybe become the biggest joke in the history of this city. Every time she thought about it, she felt that she could be the biggest joke. How ridiculous.

She lay on the bed liked this for the wh

viously hit her. "Well, I'm here. You should go back early. Have a good rest. "

Max looked at Leila. She had to stay at her home the night before weeding, according to the wedding procedure. The groom would pick her up on the wedding day.

"Are you sure you are alright? About tomorrow's wedding... "

"You don't have to worry about it. I will handle it well. No matter what happens, I love you!" Leila kept nodding with her finger pointing at his coat. Max nodded silently. He was still uneasy about what would happen tomorrow.

Leila turned around and walked into the yard. Standing outside the door, Max let out a long breath. Max looked up at the starry sky, hoping for what would happen tomorrow He knew what would happen tomorrow would definitely happen. It was useless to pray. Everything was settled. He just wanted to marry this woman as soon as possible.

Back home, Leila was humming all the way, which confused herself. Everyone should admire her for she could be in such a good mood at this nervous moment.

She went back to the room silently. It was still so cold in the room. No one came to receive her, no one comforted her, and no one even talked to her.

Leila sat still and didn't want to move. There was already a makeup artist of the wedding dress shop at home, listening to everyone's chat. Her mood was very complicated. She closed her eyes and thought of Charles. It seemed that only Charles would encourage her most every time, and the way that Max protected her was impulse. She had a plan, waiting quietly for tomorrow's coming.

Charles, you will understand my feelings and I know you will agree

Leila was woken up by the dresser early in the morning. Her heart was restless, as she had stayed up all night.

After changing her dress, she sat in front of the mirror. It would be several hours before she could see the man she missed so much. Leila looked at herself in the mirror. Today she was really beautiful.

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