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   Chapter 482 The Happiest Woman

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10130

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Hearing that, Max smiled disdainfully at the manager. "What? You? I think you'd better figure it out. Now it's about Leila and me. "

'How dare the manager ask us hurry up. I can buy the wedding dress! The manager should know my ability since manager knows who we are. Why should manager urge us. I can buy the wedding dress shop at any time?'.

Leila pushed Max away and pushed him away. Then Max saw Leila run into the dressing room. Max was amused by her reaction. Max didn't expect that they would have such intimacy even before they took wedding photos.

He cast a cold glance at the employees and waved his hand, beckoning them to leave.

Leila walked out with her hemline lifted. But these people who had just said to take photos with them disappeared. She felt a little confused.

"Where are they?" Leila turned around, noticing that Max was sitting on the sofa leisurely, sipping coffee and reading a financial newspaper. With her hemline in her hand, she walked up to Max and asked, "is it you? Do you know the consequence if you go on like this? " Glaring at Max, Leila said that on purpose.

The man was still sitting there calmly. He was in a good mood when he saw her coming out in a white wedding dress, but it was ruined by her. "Honey, you look so beautiful when you are silent!"

Then she must be very ugly now?

With a pale face, Leila walked up to Max, grabbed the glass, put away the newspaper, and looked at him seriously. "Are you okay? Don't be so impulsive. Don't forget why we are here."

When Max was about to say something, Leila stopped Max and said, "Don't be impulsive."

"Hum, impulsive? We are here to take wedding photos here. It depends on our mood. If we are in a hurry, I'm afraid that it will affect my mood and effect when I take photos, so we have to adjust it first. "

Max pointed at her with his chin proudly. And Leila also had to admit that, but no one would stay here to take photos of them now?

Leila raised her head and looked around. She had been looking for a long time, but there was no one in the shop. "Look, I know it's not as simple as you think. You must have scared those people away. Now we can only sit here and wait."

"Wow, you dare to say that. It seems that this time I'll let you see how capable your husband is. Don't worry. I'll call them back," said Max, as Max lifted Leila's chin with his finger

After Max's some dry coughs, people outside immediately came in. Shocked, Leila nodded to the manager, hinting that they could set off.

However, Max still sit there quietly. Then Max staring at Leila who had ignored him.

"Honey, do you believe that I can have you..."

Leila took one more step forward and said, "How dare you!"

"You'll see!" With his arms crossed over his chest, Max grinned wickedly.

After saying that, Leila thought it was inappropriate for them to flirt with each other. Besides, in other people's eyes, they were flirting.

Leila stared at Max angrily, "What the hell do you want?" There were so many peopl

ding dresses and they were going to marry soon. All these made Leila look a little stunned.

Over and over again, she asked, and Max nodded.

They hugged each other for the whole night and fell asleep in each other's arms. Leila had a long dream in which she dreamed of happiness.

Soon, their wedding photos went out and were posted on the newspapers one by one. Although Max didn't announce their wedding, he only wanted to prove that Leila was his woman.

Leila had read their wedding photos on the newspaper. Both of them smiled brightly, especially in that photo, which was perfect. Everyone could tell how much they loved each other from the photo.

She was looking forward to the wedding ceremony three days later, and Leila was afraid that she didn't have the courage to say those words in front of so many people. Thinking of what she and Max were couple three days later, she was a little worried.

Charles also saw the news in the newspaper. Finally, this woman's wedding was to be announced to the public. He thought that he could stay with her, pretending that he didn't care about anything, but Max would not allow such a thing to happen. This man had announced to everyone that he was the only one who owned Leila.

Seeing Charles's painful expression, someone in the corner was also a little worried, but thinking that this man would be hers from now on, she was relieved.

Standing in the corner, Bella wore a self-satisfied smile on her face. She didn't expect things to go on so smoothly, as if this was only a small part of her plan. She believed that when she was happy to see Charles someday, he would definitely do her the favor. After all, they were good friends from childhood and thought about the relationship between their families, so he naturally didn't dare to treat her in that way? '.

She found it ridiculous that she fell in love with Charles, who had a bitter love since childhood. More importantly, the man she loved didn't love her but loved the married woman Leila.

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