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   Chapter 475 Thinking About Max

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But that expensive shirt just dropped on the floor. It seemed that there was no way for the shop to continue to sell it. Then who would bear the loss?

Although she didn't see it very clearly just now, she knew the saleswoman's intentions. She stood aside silently and looked at the situation.

Leila looked familiar to the manager, but she didn't recognize Leila. The manager had to solve this problem as soon as possible. If something went wrong, she would lose her position as the manager.

"Miss, I saw you didn't hold it tight, so the shirt..."

As soon as the saleswoman stopped speaking, Charles went up to Leila and asked, "What happened?"

The saleswoman sighed and turned around. Everyone's attention was on that shirt on the floor, and Charles naturally understood what she meant. This shirt wouldn't be sold again, but someone had to bear the loss.

Leila's stubbornness and firmness made Charles deeply believe that this matter had nothing to do with her, but the saleswoman kept complaining against her. Obviously, they didn't want to bear the consequences, so they shifted the blame on Leila.

"This lady, I advise you to talk with evidence. Did you see that I touched this shirt, or you..."

Suddenly, the saleslady's eyes were filled with tears. "Miss, I'm telling the truth. Please..."

Charles looked around and was surprised to find that there was a camera behind them. He pulled Leila behind him and said, "What the hell is going on? Just check the monitor!"

The saleswoman turned to the manager and asked for help. The manager saw that there was no way to blame others and walked to get the surveillance video.

The surveillance video had been zoomed in, so the movements of both of them were clearly seen. It was the saleswoman who took away the clothes first, because of the high speed, the clothes fell off the hanger.

Now that the truth was clear, the saleswoman's sharp identification had become a little complicated in everyone's eyes. She timidly stood still and lowered her head. The people who came here were not ordinary people. Perhaps the words of one customer could make her lose her job.

The shop manager frowned and said to the saleswoman, "What the hell did you do? Why do you blame others for your own fault? Apologize to the customers now!"

"Manager, I... I didn't mean it. I just misunderstood it because I didn't see it clearly! " The saleswoman walked to Leila with a sincere look, "Miss, I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

Leila waved her hand. She always hated to be wronged most. Last time, she was framed to steal a wallet by Lily. She had been silent for a long time. This time, although she had found the truth, she still felt a little uncomfortable!

She believed that everyone had witnessed it. As for why the saleswoman wronged her, such a situation was unknown, although it was very unfair.


bored and looked down at Leila. He was worried that she would be in a bad mood.

She began to think about Max and the nights with him. She and Max looked at the sky outside together, wondering when they could stop being so lonely. Their eager eyes were brighter than the sky outside.

"Nothing. I'm just thinking when we can be like the past. I don't want to see so much hatred." Leila lazily leaned against the back of the chair, and Charles sat down beside her.

"Well, let's work together. Only in this way can we solve the hatred." Charles put his hand on her shoulder and encouraged her as if he was a thoughtful brother.

"But I miss him so much now. I want to see him right away." Leila was so upset that she couldn't hide the tears in her eyes.

Charles wiped her tears and said, "Well, Leila, you are not a child anymore. You can't cry like this. Even if you miss him, you can't cry so easily. Do you understand?"

Leila nodded in silence. When she didn't know, Max had been deeply rooted in her heart.

Although Charles comforted her like this, his heart was filled with dissatisfaction with Max. Why didn't that man take Leila with him when he was on a business trip? Why did he leave her alone?

Leila leaned on Charles with expectation, imagining that they would have a wedding when Max came back. Thinking of the grand scene, she suddenly felt a little scared.

They didn't leave until it was dark. After having dinner together, Charles unwillingly sent her back.

"You're all useless rubbish. In just a few days, what have you done? Why haven't you heard from her yet?"

Johnson strolled up and down in the living room. He couldn't find any ironic words to satirize these so-called private detectives. He gave them money again and again, but he didn't get much information on Leila and Max. He even thought that maybe they found out what he did so that...

He would get nothing.

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