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   Chapter 474 Best Friend

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9982

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Charles looked at Leila worriedly. He knew that she loved that man deeply. Max had a deep impact on her, and even influenced her normal life.

But what could she do? Leila had always been a sentimental woman. If she hadn't fallen in love with Max first, things wouldn't have ended up like this.

Charles had dreamt over and over again that if he had expressed his love for Leila before Max, perhaps she would be with him in the end, but it was not as simple as he imagined. What he could give her was only the care of friend, even though he still loved her deeply now, as long as he could see her laugh, he felt very relieved.

After a brief conversation, people came in one after another. They sat in a quiet corner. Looking at the woman in front of him. Charles was in a trance, as if he had returned to his childhood. Back then, Leila was not favored by the Song family, and he was the only friend by her side.

As their two families had a good relationship, their mothers decided to let their children finish kindergarten education here. As for the primary school, it must go public school.

When all the children sat in the same classroom, Charles could always see Leila, who seemed to be born with some halos so that he could find her very soon. Until now, Charles still maintained the habit of finding her.

"Well, you can say what's on your mind now,"

Looking at the desperate eyes on the other side, Charles' eyes were a little wet. He didn't know what would happen to Leila and him. She was going to have a grand wedding with Max, and he was going to witness her happiness.

"Coo coo coo..." A weird sound came from Leila. Charles looked at her doubtfully. Leila held her stomach and smiled at him awkwardly. Her stomach was rumbling again.

Charles lowered his head in silence, like a child who had done something wrong. He felt guilty for not taking good care of Leila, Leila knew what he was thinking. He always took care of her as a brother. Now he was probably guilty because she saw the worry in Charles's eyes.

Charles stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Leila. "Are you hungry? The dessert here is delicious."

Looking at Charles's concerned eyes, she didn't know how to face it. She was so hungry that she didn't have time to think so much. Seeing that she began to eat the delicate cakes in front of her, Charles smiled stupidly, "You are a mother now, but you still don't know how to take care of yourself."

Leila just smiled indifferently, she knew well about taking good care of herself. Obviously, she was not used to do that without the presence of Max.

Looking at Leila, no one knew better than him about her mood. He was worried about her future. Would their love last for so long?

"So sweet!" When Leila was eating the dessert, she smiled to Charles sitting opposite to her. Although she was a little embarrassed, she would rather pretend to know nothing. She knew she could never give what Charles wanted.

Seeing the

hen they walked into the men's clothing shop, Charles asked Leila carefully, "What are you going to do? Are you going to buy some clothes for Max? I will be jealous!"

Leila shook her head helplessly. In her memory, it seemed that Charles had always taken good care of her. She seemed to have never thought if Charles was doing alright. And the way he spoke just now also made her feel a little familiar, anyway, a very familiar feeling.

With a restless mood, they went to the men's wear. Leila took the suit and compared it in front of Charles. Charles was stunned, there was a hint of uncertain ideas in his heart. Leila was choosing clothes for him, and she looked more and more like a wife to him.

They were choosing clothes inside, which didn't matter much for Charles. Although he was living alone, his assistant helped him with daily life. But he didn't mind if Leila was willing to choose outfits for him.

Standing at the door, Charles heard the noise inside as if there was a war going on. He entered the room in confusion.

Noticing that Leila was standing still, a white shirt was on the floor. The shop assistant looked at her in horror, "Miss, this shirt..."

"Sorry, it's not my responsibility, is it?" Leila's tone was cold. Although the saleswoman looked a little scared, before Leila could touch the clothes, the saleswoman had already recommended the clothes to another customer. She didn't expect that this expensive shirt would just fall off.

Leila would give no one the chance to bully her.

All of a sudden, everyone in the shop looked at them with a complex expression on their faces. Leila and Charles had thought that someone would come out to testify at this time, but no one said a thing for them.

Leila gave a reluctant smile to the woman opposite her, and the shop went quiet immediately. The manager was a little angry at their attitude. The mess had not only affected the value of the clothes, but also had a certain impact on their shop.

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