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   Chapter 473 A Rainy Night

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Maybe it was because of the thunder outside, Flower's big cries were heard directly into Leila's room. Leila frowned, she couldn't sleep in such a rainy night so she got up to Flower's room.

Although Flower remembered her parents, she couldn't help crying as she was so afraid. No matter how hard the maid coaxed her, she just couldn't stop crying.

Though Leila missed Max, what she wanted was to hug her daughter tightly. That was also his daughter, who had the same eyebrows as him.

"Honey, Mommy is here. Don't be afraid. I'll protect you." Leila held Flower in her arms and comforted her. At the same time it was also a comfort to herself.

Flower was born in Britain. At that time, she was busy giving birth to the child and hiding from Max, so she didn't give her a proper name. Now that her daughter was more than half a year old, a lot of memories flashed through her mind.

May be it was because of Leila's arrival that the warm little body of hers got into Leila's arms, Flower fell asleep very soon. Looking at her quiet little figure, Leila had all sorts of feelings welling up in her heart.

She still remembered that day when her mother and she were trimming flowers and plants in the yard. They had planned to do some sports. However, before they could do that, the contractions came. After her mother saw that, she immediately called Charles, so that nothing happened to her and the baby.

Seeing so many blooming flowers along the road, Leila was painful but she still remembered something. She held the hand of Charles. If the baby were a girl, she would be called as Flower.

Blooming flowers!

After her daughter was born safely, Leila named her as Flower. Later, she experienced a lot with Flower before she came back to Max's side who took care of them carefully and considerately. Leila had already regarded Flower as a part of her own life. Seeing her cry, her heart was inexplicably hurt.

Flower stopped crying. And she held the sleeves of Leila's pajamas tightly, which made Leila feel a little sad. "Good girl, I'm here with you."

May be soothed by her mother, the little hands gradually loosened. Before going to sleep, Flower called "Mom and Dad" with her unclear voice. Leila felt guilty, she hadn't been sleeping with her for a long time.

Seeing that Flower stopped crying, Leila tucked her in and looked at the busy maid. "I'll take her to my room tonight. Have a good rest."

The maid nodded her head, and she had prepared some necessities for the night. She handed them to Leila and said, "Madam, your hand just recovered. May I take care of Miss. Flower?"

Leila took a look at Flower in her hands. Compared with her own burn, she thought that it was her daughter more important. Shaking her head, she said, "No, thanks. Have a good night."

Then, Leila went to the room with Flower in her arms. She had been very busy recently, so she seldom brought her daughter to her room. And most of the time, Flower was accompanied by the maid.

"My darling, you must grow up healthily and happily. I will always by your side. You have to remember that daddy and mommy love you very much. No matter wh

ft an egg for her every day.

It was a rule of the kindergarten to have meals on time every day. When they got up late, there would be no food to eat. Occasionally there would be eggs for everyone. But Charles always gave his eggs to Leila. Although other children would feel it unfair and jealous, every time Leila got the eggs, the first person came to her mind was Charles. She was very willing to accept these eggs, even though she had heard that Charles had eaten his eggs so many times.

Her nose twitched. They had known each other for years, but the distance between this man and her was just right, and she would never be embarrassed.

"Where are you, Charles? Come out. I'll buy you the lunch." There was a bit of joy in Leila's voice. Thinking of what happened before, she felt that she owed Charles so much.

She quickly tidied up and went downstairs. Leila gave Matt a simple notice and went out. She and Charles were the best friends, Charles was a friend that she trusted and knew. Leila comforted herself in the bottom of her heart.

"What happened? You didn't sleep well?"

Charles stood at the door of the coffee shop happily. When he saw Leila coming, the first thing he knew was that she didn't sleep well.

Leila shook her head helplessly. Before Charles could say anything, she went straight to the coffee shop behind him and sat down in a corner.

Charles was a little disappointed, but he could see that Leila didn't mean to hurt him, probably because she was too tired.

As long as Leila could be happy, he would be willing to do anything to make her happy. He was only worried that Leila had something on her mind.

Charles sat down opposite her and asked, "Could you tell me what happened? You didn't sleep well last night. Was it because of him? "

Although he didn't want to mention Max, he still couldn't get around this topic.

Leila held the glass with her hands. She didn't know if it was because of Max or not. She would sleep well every night when she was with Max, but she couldn't fall asleep the whole night after he was gone for only one day.

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