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   Chapter 472 Reluctance

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10556

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It was a sunny day again. After getting up early and washing his face, Max dragged Leila who was still sleeping in bed and said, "honey, help me pack my luggage. I have to go on a business trip tonight."

Leila's sleepy eyes suddenly widened. "Business trip? Why didn't you tell me last night? "

Max came over to embrace her, kissed her forehead "Honey, I don't know how long my business trip will last. Would you like to go with me?"

Leila pushed him away. She was worried that no one would take good care of him for he would been away for too long a time. So she immediately stood up and took out the suitcase to pack up for him.

"Where are you going this time? How long?"

Max suddenly hugged her from behind. "So, don't you want me to leave? How about you go with me? "

"All right. Go to work and deal with the business. Come back early. Christmas is coming. I want our whole family to spend this year together!"

"I know. I don't want to leave you for too long. Besides, our wedding is coming soon. I have to go on a business trip at this time. I really don't want to leave you!"

Leila straightened Max's tie and smoothed the wrinkles on his suit. Then she kissed his cheek, which was rare. "When will you take the plane? I'll send you to the airport!"

Holding her in his arms, Max was unwilling to let her go. But the latter immediately pushed him away and ran into the bathroom, quickly cleaned it up and went downstairs with Max. Matt had prepared breakfast for them. When he saw Max coming down with his suitcase, he said, "You're going to take a business trip again. It's not far from the wedding day. Why don't you spend more time with your wife and children?"

Max nodded, took Leila's hand and sat down at the dining table. Max gently fed food to Leila while Leila lowered her head out of shyness. Matt was still in the living room, and he had seen everything about them.

"Don't be like this. There is father in the living room." Leila wanted to refuse the food Max fed, but she didn't expect that Max didn't care about it at all and forced her to eat all her breakfast.

Matt slowly wheeled the wheelchair to them. "Don't be embarrassed. If you really feel embarrassed, then hurry up and give birth to a grandson for me!"

Leila's face flushed bright red. She insisted on sending Max to the airport. Max had planned to stay at home for some more time, but he didn't expect that Leila would be so shy when hearing what Matt said. So he took Leila directly to the airport.

On the way to the airport, Leila remained silent and looked out of the car window. Thinking that she wouldn't be able to see Max for a long time, she was getting more and more bitter.

When they arrived at the airport, there were a lot of people coming and going. Leila lowered her head and followed Max. It was still early. When sitting in the VIP room with her hand in his, Max always put his arm around her neck. Thinking that he wouldn't be able to see his wife for a long time, he felt a little upset.

Leila looked at him, held his hand and said, "did you really go on a business trip alone this time? Robert? Why isn't he with you? "

at so much. You look too thin to stand a gust of wind."

Although Matt looked a little more serious, his care for Leila made Leila feel warm in the heart. She stood up and poured wine for Matt, making Matt laugh happily and love Leila more.

The weather in autumn was always changing. The dark outside seemed to be getting heavier, and it would rain at any time.

"Rumble." it was about to rain, but the outside was in a frenzied thunderstorm.

Leila murmured. She couldn't fall asleep at this night. As usual, although she went to bed early, the sound of thunder outside reminded her of her mother. She habitually took out the only thing her mother left for her, a bracelet, which seemed to have the temperature of Lillian.

At this moment, she was just as depressed as the weather outside. She repeatedly looked at the bracelet in her hand, while silently leaning on her mother. After so many days of forgetting, she almost forgot her mother's appearance. At this moment, when she thought of her mother, she could not help but shed tears secretly.

Especially at this thundering night, Max was far away from here. She stood alone in front of the window, watching the rain rushing outside and brushing the glass. No one could understand her bitterness.

What kind of family was it? She had no parents loved her, no brothers or sisters loved her. Because she was a girl, she could get more care and love than others. Now it was impossible for her to go back. Now, Leila could only think of her mom when she saw the bracelet. She couldn't help crying every time she saw it.

It was another dull thunder.

"Max." In her sleep, Leila sat up from the bed and cried out. The maid looked at her in surprise, seeing her face full of tears.

When she thought of Max was abroad, she wondered if Max had the same experience with her in such a rainy night.

"Mommy, Mommy, I want to find Mommy..."When Flower woke up, the first thing she did was to cry and call for her mother. The aunt was heartbroken and picked her up. Now she was a big child, and her daily care was taken care of by the aunt.

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