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   Chapter 471 Love Him

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9689

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She pushed the man straight to his seat and sat down, while she sat far away from him on the sofa, browsing through the magazine in boredom.

Sometimes, when Max looked up and saw his woman, she seemed a little bored. He stood up and walked over to her. "Is it boring? Why don't we..."

"No !"

Before the man finished his words, Leila had said. She got up in a hurry, "I'm going out to look around. You can focus on your work!"

If she didn't leave here, she was afraid that Max would really drag her to the lounge, and she didn't want to delay his work because of this.

There were all his secretaries outside the CEO's office on the ninth floor. Seeing that they were working so carefully, Leila was curious. She walked slowly along the long corridor, with French windows all the way. The sun was all over the place, while Leila was enjoying the warm sunshine on her body.

Coming out of the office, Max didn't see Leila. With a nervous look on his face, he suddenly saw Leila standing at the end of the glass corridor alone. She slightly raised her head to receive the sunlight, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised. He thought that this woman was really good at enjoying herself!

"Why did you come here alone? I thought you sneaked away."

Leila turned around and looked into his loving eyes. She smiled and said, "it's more comfortable here than in the Song Group. How can I go!"

Max took her hand and went back. If she didn't stay in his office, he wouldn't be able to work. He had always worried that she would have trouble in the company, but now it was okay. No one didn't know that she was Mrs. Mu. Perhaps nobody dared to bully her.

"Don't be so nervous. We are in the company. Everything will be fine!"

Without giving her any chance to say anything, Max dragged her into her office. At the same time, Max ordered his secretary to send her some documents about wedding photos. "Look at the type of wedding photos you like. We'll take photos when we're free!" said Max

Leila browsed the exquisite picture album, her mouth full of sweet joy. How happy it was to get married! She looked at the weather, "it's getting cold now, taking photos outside. I think it's better not to go out now."

Looking at those pictures, Leila felt both excited and shy. Finally, the day was coming.

"You little fool, we can take photos on the beach in the seaside in Hainan or Hawaii. "

Leila closed the album and pushed it aside. They didn't have time. He had so many things to deal with. How could he be distracted now.

Hearing that, Max didn't say anything more. In his opinion, marriage was what he wanted the most. He had even decided where to spend their honeymoon, but he hadn't thought that Leila was a little shy.

After signing the last document, Max stood up and said, "it has been a long time since I went shopping with you last time. How about going shop

ant. "Rosa, let me take you to eat something, okay?"

Rosa shook her head, clutching the bag tightly. She didn't want to stay with this man at the moment, because Max didn't like it and she wanted to keep a distance from Grady.

"I want to go home. Drive me home now!"

Her imperative tone displeased Grady. But he didn't show his unhappiness. Instead, he sent her back obediently. Rosa didn't even say anything to Grady until she disappeared in the distance. Then Grady drove away.

The black sports car broke the silence of the night. Grady held the steering wheel tightly. With white knuckles, he was unusually angry. A piece of clothing could make Rosa happy, but he had made so much effort by her side, and she chose to ignore it, even for a small move of Max made her happy for a long time.

With a straight face, he entered the bar. The deafening music made Grady sneer. He sat down by the bar counter as usual, and drank off a glass of spirits. Then he shook his head bitterly. No matter how hard he tried, it would not affect Rosa. Rosa would also blame him for his bad work. These things have been tolerated, only be here Grady could he find his space.

"Mr. Grady, are you in a bad mood tonight?"

The man in the bar counter looked at Grady, Grady almost came here every night to drink alone, and no one knew what happened to him. A woman with heavy makeup slowly sat next to him, her fair arms immediately wrapped around his neck, and Grady looked at the woman beside him. Although the woman in front of him was not Rosa and she was not the one he loved. But since that time, Rosa had refused to let him touch her.

As a normal man, he sometimes had needs, even though the woman in front of him was not Rosa.

The imperious kiss was emotionless. Grady kissed her lips, but when he thought of Rosa, he unconsciously tightened his grip on her.

Then they held each other's arms and walked into the hotel.

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