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   Chapter 468 Good Taste

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Thinking of Lillian's accident caused by her dress last time, she had mixed feelings while the man beside her seemed to have noticed her emotion. He held her tightly with one hand. There was a car accident near her engagement last time. Now, he was afraid that the dress was a nightmare for her. "I'm here!"

Leila nodded, but her eyes couldn't help turning red. Max always supported her silently in his own way.

The car stopped at the entrance of the dress shop. The manager was already waiting there with a group of staff. When they saw Leila and Max get out of the car, their waist had been bent to a 90 degrees. "Mr. Mu and Mrs. Mu!" they greeted

Leila nodded to them slightly. There were only them two people in the large restaurant. The manager had already led them to the tailored shop and sent the wedding dresses to them.

Hearing that, Max nodded with satisfaction. The dress, which was the main wedding dress on the wedding day, was sent by air from Italy. It was the only one in the world.

"Give it a try."

With the company of the crowd, Leila came out of the changing room holding her hemline. She was shocked to wear this dress at first. The strapless design had well highlighted her collarbone, with shining diamonds on her chest and three-dimensional patterns on the long floor hemline. Leila felt a little shy and lowered her head to come to Max.

Max stood up from the sofa, eyes sparkling with amazement, "it's very beautiful!"

His sincere admiration made Leila feel more shy. Leila never doubted the man's taste, and she was very satisfied with this dress.

"Mr. Mu, this dress suits Mrs. Mu perfectly!"

Max nodded and walked over to hold her waist. They looked at themselves in the mirror and thought they were a perfect match. "This dress looks good. You have a good taste!"

Coming out of the dress shop, Max walked on the street with her hand in hand. It was a little cold at that time. "What kind of wedding photos do you like? We can take them when we are not busy!"

Leila turned to Max, "Anything will be fine as long as I can stay with you."

Standing on the side of the street, Max held Leila tightly in her arms. "Honey, I want to give you the best wedding!"

Leila nodded, leaving the passers-by and cars around them as if they were in their own world, only two people from each other.

Seeing them embracing each other romantically on the street, Rosa, who had tried hard to calm down, lost control again. This kind of thing would never have happened on the street in the past, but now Max was holding Leila regardless of his image .Then Rosa staring at Leila with resentment.

Leila pushed away the man in front of her, "Well, we are on the street now!"

"They are going to have a wedding. I think you should..."

"Why?" Unconvinced, Rosa stood still and said, "I knew Max first, and we have known each other for so many years, but..."

Grady looked at Rosa with sympathy. He knew everything, but it was not easy for Rosa to give up hope. Although every time she acted

's Mrs. Mu's hand?"

Max stood up with his hands in his pockets, looked out of the French window, and then turned to look at her seriously. "You are very outstanding, but I don't care what kind of feud you have with my wife. You hurt her. Do you know the consequences?"

Charlotte nodded in agreement. Charlotte didn't want to explain too much about that. She had been accustomed to the overbearing and indifference of Max. Charlotte said, "I know what to do!"

The door of the office was closed. Leila walked out of the lounge. "Do you want her to hate me more?"

"You are my wife. Of course I have to protect you. And you are innocent!" said Max, with his arms around her neck

Leila let out a long sigh of relief. It was always like that, and this time, she was afraid that the misunderstanding between her and Charlotte would be deeper and deeper, but Max didn't care about it.

When it was time to go off work, Leila still looked preoccupied. Max gently hugged her from behind. "OK, don't think too much. Her punishment is temporary. When she figured it out, I will let her come back!"

So Leila agreed, "okay then. But don't mix work and personal relationships with work. How do the people think of us?"

"Don't worry. It's my duty to protect my wife. I don't want you to be bullied in the place that I can't see. That makes me seem incompetent!"

With a helpless smile, Leila patted Max's hand. "Fasten the seat belt!"

With a slight smile on his lips, the man bent over her. Leila was so nervous that she didn't dare to breathe, but the man helped her fasten the seat belt. "Honey, what are you thinking about?"

When they arrived at the Mu family's old house, the first thing Leila did after getting off the car was to see Flower. Sure enough, when Flower was bored, Flower would paint on the paper. Leila had observed her for several times.

Max went over and took her directly to the courtyard. Because the child was so young, Max was afraid that her little body couldn't stand the cold wind.

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