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   Chapter 466 Showing Their Love

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10367

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Leila's face turned red unconsciously. She didn't understand what people looked at her early in the morning, so she met a situation where Max came to call her 'wife ' in the office in person. Although they had been together for a long time, this man always surprised her impression.

"What are you doing here?"

Max was busy. But she didn't want Max, a dignified CEO, to the Song Group.

Max ignored her and looked her up and down in her office. Then he flipped through the documents on the desk with a faint smile. Leila looked very serious and her work was did very well. The man put his hands in his pockets and looked at the little woman in front of him like a king. "Have you finish your work? If had done, come with me!"

Leila was surprised to hear that. She looked at the time, and found that it was almost noon. When she was about to say something, Max couldn't wait to take her hand and go out

The company was crowded with people at lunch time. Leila was so shy that she was held by the man. She could feel everyone's eyes. "Mr. Mu, what are you doing? You don't have to this if you just want to treat me to lunch, do you? Everyone is watching! "

Max looked at Leila affectionately. Her face was scarlet red, in a sharp contrast to the stubborn little woman just now. He slightly lifted the corner of his mouth and pulled her into the car.

The sensational news of the Song Group spread throughout the company in an instant. When Max came to pick Leila up from work in person, together with the announcement in the morning, they only thought that Leila had become the daughter-in-law of a rich family. Others envied her more.

They soon drove away from the Song Group. Leila heaved a sigh of relief, wondering what the man was going to do today. "Where are we going?"

The car was still on the road. The man ignored her question until the car arrived at the familiar road in the suburbs. Leila looked at everything she was familiar with outside. Because it was autumn, the green plants on both sides had withered, and the car went straight to the open area in the front.

"Get off!" said Max, looking at the woman beside him

His voice allowed no refusal. Leila got out of the car in silence, and now she was even more confused about the purpose of the man taking her here. On the way there, Max was holding her hands all the way, leaving Leila no choice but to trot behind him. The cold weather in autumn swept on her face, and she could not help but slightly lower her head.

It was not until she stood in front of the cliff and saw a large bouquet of red roses that she was deeply shocked. Now it was autumn, and everything had withered. She didn't expect that a large area of roses had been planted here.

Max tightly holding the hand of Leila and said seriously. "Do you remember what I told you when I proposed to you?"

Leila nodded. Looking at the serious look on Max's face, she suddenly felt a little funny. In the past, Max would never do such a thing. But now

Max turned to look at Leila, "We've announced our relationship this morning. What kind of weddi

, Leila had known what Billy wanted to do. He was not going to let go of this plan, so...

The discussion didn't come to an end after a long time. Till there was no sound in the meeting room, nobody could come up with a good idea to break the tension. So, Johnson declared the meeting was dismissed.

When Leila was about to get up and leave, she was stopped by Johnson. He took her to the office. On the way, without saying a word, Johnson closed the door. "When did you get the marriage license with him? How can you not hold the wedding ceremony?"

Leila sneered at him. "What do you mean, Mr. Song? Do you still want him to give bride price to you?"


Johnson was speechless. He thought that when Max married her, they would symbolically inform him, Johnson was Max's father-in-law. Johnson didn't expect that they ignored his existence and ruined Johnson's dream.

"Don't you think the cooperation with the Song Group is not enough for you to make a profit?"

Johnson was speechless. He didn't expect he to be so disgraceful in front of Leila. Leila didn't even look at him as her father. After a long time of silence, he said angrily, "Leila, what's your attitude now? Your mother is no longer alive. I'm your relative. Don't you plan to inform me of your marriage?"

"Mr. Song, have you finished your speech? If there is nothing else, I'll go first!"

"What? Since you are Mrs. Mu, you are so arrogant. Don't forget that you are my daughter, Johnson Song's daughter! "

Leila laughed at herself, "No, I am not!"

Leila turned around obstinately and left. Johnson shouted her name angrily. He thought he could get closer to Max through their marriage, but he didn't expect that Leila didn't give him the chance at all.

Leila returned to her office in a calm manner. She knew what was on Johnson's mind better than anyone else. There was no doubt that he wanted to get more projects from the Mu Group. It was ridiculous when she thought about this. Johnson regarded his daughter as a tool, and even claimed that he was her father.

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