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   Chapter 462 The Bother Of A Man

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9907

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Looking at the expression on Max's face, Robert knew that he loved Leila. Max was a direct person, and he was a man who always took things straight. Since he was so hesitant, it must be love.

Robert drank one glass after another. He was conflicted. It seemed that he didn't know Wendi at all. He loved her so much. On one hand, he hoped that he could be able to support his wife; on the other hand, he hoped that Wendi could take care of the family. After all, she was a wife and a mother now.

But why did they quarrel fiercely with each other every time they talked about this topic. Wendi blamed his selfishness and he accused her irresponsibility.

Thinking that Leila had a childhood sweetheart who loved her so much, Max had a headache. What should he do next? He was really unwilling to continue the silent treatment with Leila like this.

He didn't want to lose, and no one could understand his bitterness. He couldn't tell this to anyone, neither could he tell Leila.

They walked out of the bar hand in hand. The numbness of alcohol could make them temporarily forget their situation and pain. They said goodbye to each other on the roadside.

The car arrived at the old house of the Mu family. With the lights still on in the living room, Max staggered in and saw Matt sitting there as if he was waiting for him.

Max greeted him hurriedly. When he was about to go upstairs, Matt suddenly rushed in front of him and gave him a slap. Max suddenly sobered up and looked at him. "Father..."

"What are you doing? Look at yourself. Do you still care about me? Do you still want to keep your wife and child around? " Matt was exasperated at Max's failure to live up his expectations. Standing in front of Matt blankly, Max could do nothing but let his father hit and curse him.

After Matt gave vent to his anger, the butler held him to the guest room. Max stood there in a daze. Matt was right. Max didn't even care about his wife and daughter, but his father didn't know the bitterness in his heart.

Max went upstairs unsteadily and took a simple shower. The effect of alcohol was really good. He didn't need to suffer from insomnia tonight.

He hadn't completely awoken from the hangover when his phone rang. It was Robert who called him, saying that Leila was waiting for him in his office.

Hearing that Leila was waiting for him, Max immediately got up from the bed and rushed to the company regardless of his headache. Before returning to the company, he naturally had to go back to the bar, where his car was still there.

When Max arrived at the bar, he was surprised to see Robert's car parked there. He didn't think much about it. Perhaps, as drunk as he was, Robert put his car here. He took the car and drove directly to the company.

In a hurry, Max rushed into the office. Leila seemed to be very patient. Robert brought her a cup of black coffee. While tasting it leisurely, she had a faint smile on her face. Robert kne

his disturbing scene, Leila ordered the driver to drive faster.

The driver's foot was starting to speed up the car and soon Leila's car passed Max's. After seeing that, Charlotte knew more or less what had happened. When a woman saw another woman beside her beloved man, she was jealousy or pretended to see nothing.

"Mr. Mu, this Miss Song is so interesting. She must want to get rid of us." Charlotte's meaningful words seemed to laugh at Max, who was cold faced and ignored her.

Charlotte chuckled to herself. She had succeeded in infuriating Max.

When Max and Charlotte arrived, Leila was inspecting the project department. She wore a helmet and accompanied by the project manager. She just nodded with a smile when she saw them coming.

Max turned around and walked straight into the office of the project department. At the sight of his leaving, Charlotte changed her smiley face to a long face and said, "Miss Song, why are you so stubborn? You should try your best to behave well as Mrs. Mu. A woman is working hard all day long outside. How could others think of you like this? What do they think of Mr. Mu? It's okay to show up though, how could you still hook up with disreputable men? That's really a disgrace for Mr. Mu. Fortunately, your marriage is not announced to the public. "

Charlotte's tone was very harsh. Relying on Charlotte's ingenuity, Leila was not surprised hearing such nasty words from her. But Charlotte didn't understand anything. It was really ridiculous to judge a person like that. "How dare you judge a person like this? Don't you think it's ridiculous?" Leila asked in confusion.

Leila sneered, "Miss Fan, I didn't expect you to care more about Mr. Mu's family affairs than his work. I didn't know when you began to be involved in the gossip, taking those ridiculous news seriously!"

Leila answered in a neither humble nor pushy tone. Seeing that Charlotte had no strength to fight back, she turned and looked around.

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