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   Chapter 458 You Can Only Love Me

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10119

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Leila was startled, wondering what was going on at this time. Then Max walked ahead of her, and Leila followed him in confusion. The man looked solemn and serious, totally different from the man on the mountain. Was he angry again?

Having made the random guess, Leila followed him to the room and began to go back after a short rest. During this period, Max had been silent.

What happened that night was just the beginning. Charles was still thinking about Leila. From Charles's look in his eyes, Max could tell that he still loved her.

The Song Group had already announced to the public that the Lu Group in the Hainan would like to cooperate with the Song Group. The head of the Lu Group asked Leila to be in charge of the cooperation. After a thorough investigation, it found out that the Lu Group in Hainan was belong to Billy.

In Billy's mind, Leila wasn't so beautiful, but she was unique to other women. He was immersed in her charm.

As long as he thought of the two men outside who were staring at Leila covetously, Max's heart was in a mess. He couldn't face Leila.

Leila didn't know what she had done that provoked him, so she just sat there in silence, staring at the man in silence.

The man sitting opposite to her moved his eyes from her and sat down to read the documents. Leila could not help but humph angrily. However, she still did not attract the Max's attention. He stared at the documents in his hand calmly.

Leila was so angry that she wanted to shout. She stared at Max for more than ten minutes and he didn't turn over one page. She seemed to have understood something. She picked up the phone and sent a message to Charles. Soon, Leila's phone rang. When she saw Charles's name, she smiled inexplicably. "Charles?"

The clear voice made Max's heart surge, but he did not intend to end this long-term battle in this way. He looked at the documents and listened carefully to their conversation.

Staring at the depressed expression of the man, Leila couldn't help snickering. "Charles, why don't we talk about it face to face?"

After hanging up the phone, Leila looked at Max cautiously, "Well... I have to go back downtown. Can I... "

Failing to resist his impulse to close the contract, Max stood up and went out, followed by Leila. The car was already waiting at the door of the hotel. She opened the door silently.

They didn't talk to each other all the way. When they arrived at the appointed place, Max walked in with his arm around Leila's waist. Charles stood up from the chair and saw their intimacy with a touch of gloom in his eyes. He greeted them with a smile, and Max just nodded slightly. He sat down with Leila impolitely, while Charles sat opposite them in embarrassment.

"Dr. Qiao, what do you want to see my wife?"

The man deliberately stressed the last few words. He was so angry that he couldn't fall asleep for a whole night. Leila was his wife, but he was said to be Mrs. Qiao by Robert.

Charles smiled awkwardly, "Nothing important. It's just

d blame him.

"Will you blame me?"

He recalled that when he was in the apartment, maids were absolutely not allowed to enter his study. The only person who could enter his study was Leila. He quietly watched Leila skillfully packing these things. His heart was warm.

"Why should I blame you? I won't get angry with Mr. Mu so easily. "

After cleaning up, she turned around and walked out of the room. Staring at the woman's back with great interest, Max was surprised that Leila was so bold that she even dared to ignore him.

Leila was preparing the lunch with the maids. They were shocked by Max's reaction. But the man could be tender as well.

It didn't take a long time for Max to get out of the study. After such a mess, he was not in the mood to go on with his work. Perhaps it was because he was too tired, or perhaps it was because of Leila, he looked down from the stairs and saw that Leila was very busy like a little woman. He smiled proudly as he thought that this woman can also be a good wife and a good mother.

When Leila came out of the kitchen with the dishes in her hands, she happened to meet the smiling eyes of Max. She lowered her head shyly, "What are you waiting for? It's time to wash your hands and have lunch."

Her tone sounded like she was angry, and the man smiled faintly. He got up and took the plates from her hands. "You really look like a housewife!"

"Mr. Mu, do I look that old?"

The atmosphere in the dining room became harmonious, and even the maids in the kitchen laughed. It was rare that Max joked with his wife in front of them.

The next morning, Leila went to the Song Group early. It seemed that she hadn't been to work for several days. Rumors were spreading in the company.

"Women with men's protection are really different. You're absent from work for a few days. Aren't you afraid that if you annoy Johnson, he will punish you?"

Leila shook her head helplessly. "It's all right that you know it. As for other rumors, what else can I do?"

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