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   Chapter 455 The Tough Girl

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10321

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Matt wasn't in the mood to listen to his complaint. Seeing how miserable Flower was crying, his heart was about to melt. Her aunt had taken care of everything that had been with her for a long time, but he didn't expect that Flower would cry like a little tear today.

Matt tried to negotiate with Max. He always wanted to send Flower to Leila's side, but Max didn't want Flower to affect their relationship.

At this time, the door of the office was pushed open by Spencer. Hearing the cries on the phone, Max felt very anxious. Spencer walked to him and offered to help. He could go home to take care of Flower. Max looked at Max with doubt. Although he was pressed by Matt, he could only nod in agreement.

Spencer rushed back to the Mu family's villa. As soon as he saw Flower on the sofa, he was shivering. Facing such a little girl, he could do nothing. Although they had known each other before, he was really nice to his little niece and loved her so much. But now she cried so much, which made him feel that she was not adorable at all.

He wouldn't have done such a stupid thing if it wasn't for escaping the heavy work. Now that Spencer was back and spoke the words in front of Max, of course he would make a good performance.

He summoned up his courage and came Flower and whispered something in her ears. Flower didn't cry at all but looked very friendly to Spencer instead. At last, Matt's face softened a little. He looked at his son and nodded slightly. Then Flower and Spencer began to play various little games.

Worried about what Spencer said, Max drove back to the old house secretly when he was not busy. Max wanted to see Flower and Spencer playing together. When Spencer was resting, Max asked him in a low voice about what he said to Flower and asked her not to cry. Unexpectedly, Spencer's face suddenly turned red. It was the first time for Max to be so close to him and talk softly with him.

Spencer grinned and told him it was a secret. The man felt helpless and went to the study. He didn't know how to take the baby, so it was quieter in the study.

Leila stood in front of the glass window very irritably. Since she knew that there was no problem with her body, she had been very eager to have a child. The outside world made her feel disgusted and she still hoped that she could return to family life.

Staring at so many files about cooperation on the desk, Leila's head was in a mess. She suddenly began to miss Flower.

In desperation, Leila had no choice but to call Max. The man rushed to Song Group as soon as he got the call, regardless of his irritability. As their eyes met, Leila immediately shouted, "Mr. Mu, you are a little busy today, aren't you?"

With his hands in his pockets, Max wore a faint smile all the time. He didn't intend to tell her the things about Flower, but took her into the car.

The man rested his head on Leila's shoulder, smelling the unique fragrance from her, and the man slightly closed his eyes.

While he was in a trance, Leila immediately took out her phone.

The phone rang for a long time

er face. Leila leaned herself against Max. The man took her to her room without any explanation.

After entering, they kissed passionately against the door, and Leila didn't refuse, which was a habit of Max. She had already known what would happen next, and she could do nothing but endure Max's kiss.

When Max saw her lost in thought, he bit her lips as a punishment. She frowned and glared at Max, who looked at her seriously. "Honey, you seem not be serious. If you continue to act like this, I can't guarantee when you will see Flower next flower!"

Leila stared at him. Matt meant to give them enough time and space to have a baby as soon as possible. Now it was him who threatened her. Leila pushed him away angrily. "You..."

She pulled over the quilt and covered herself with it awkwardly, leaving the man sitting opposite to her. Of course, Matt's action created more opportunities for his son. But Leila was unwilling to do so, and the man sneered, "Hey, hey, what are you doing? How can we..."

A pillow was hit exactly on the man's body. He hugged the pillow sadly. It was rare for them to have such a little fun. "If so, I'll sleep in the guest room tonight."

Seeing this, Leila sat up, and unexpectedly the quilt slipped down from her body. Her fair skin was glittering under the light. The man's deep eyes burst out with strong excitement. When Leila rose, Max pinched her lips, and a faint fragrance penetrated the tip of his nose.

They kept kissing each other until both of them found it hard to breathe. Stunned, the latter cursed, "you are a liar!"

Max kissed her again, and a series of actions held her in the arms. Wherever he touched, a flush of red quickly lit up, and Leila had no strength to resist.

Leila leaning against the man's chest. "Our father is old, he just want to hold a grandson. We'd better to follow his wish."

Leila didn't refuse. Since she married and enjoyed the happiness brought by marriage and family life, she yearned for more perfect family. She was not disgusted with Matt's suggestion.

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