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   Chapter 453 A Special Physical Examination

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10036

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The news that Leila went to the hospital got round fast. The first person to know the news was Charles, the top doctor in the medical field. He also cooperated with several hospitals. But Leila left the hospital and went to the hospital again, which made him very nervous.

When Leila came to the hospital for examination, the doctor asked her to stay in hospital for a few days. When he knew that Leila was in hospital, he wanted inform Max immediately. So he believed that Max would be pleased to hear anything about Leila.

When the phone rang, no one answered it. Charles couldn't help calling several more times, but no one answered the phone at last. He put down the phone and shook his head. Since Max didn't have the time to answer the phone, he had to go to see her. He just hoped that if Max knew this matter, Max wouldn't blame him for not informing him in time.

Charles was always a very serious man. Even if he knew that Leila was in hospital, he came to see her as soon as possible with a big bunch of red roses in his hand. Being watched all the way, Charles didn't notice it at all. He was handsome and romantic. Naturally, he made everyone jealous.

Then, he came to Leila's ward. To take care of Leila, Wendi asked for leave from the company after she finished her work. She was worried about Johnson will suspect her, so she didn't tell Johnson that she came here to look after Leila.

Seeing the bouquet of roses, Wendi's face went pale. But Charles didn't know why Leila was in hospital this time, so he was very worried.

Still, Wendi stood up and greeted him politely as Leila's friend and with the presence of others, which made Charles uneasy.

Taking over the flowers, Wendi left the ward. Charles casually sat on the chair where she had just sat and looked at her with concern. "What happened this time?"

Leila smiled, "you are as squeamish as he is. I just need to have a check-up. Don't worry." Charles nodded, "he'll come to see you later."

A warm smile had been plastered on Leila's face all the time. When she heard that Max would come a little bit later, she couldn't help telling Charles straightforwardly that it was no big deal not to bother him. She didn't want Max to know the purpose of her inspection.

After Wendi putting the flowers into the vase, she saw that Charles had already sat on her seat and she could only stand aside and listen to their conversation, most of which were the words that required Leila to take good care of herself. Because of the presence of Charles, Wendi went on walking in the corridor. She was too embarrassed to ask Leila to do this inspection.

"Charles, are you going to the company now?" Leila thought Charles would leave as soon as he saw her, but he didn't. They had been talking for a long time. Wendi knew their relationship, so she had stood outside to leave some space for them.

It was not until Leila reminded him that he realized the time had almost passed. He hurried out.

Wendi frowned. "What's

Matt held Flower in his arms, staring at Max, and said, "be patient with the child. She is still so young!"

"She is my daughter. She has to accept this fact!" said Max, with a cold snort

Frightened by his words, Flower could only hide in Matt's arms. Leila glared at Max, blaming him for being too harsh to a child. There were still tear stains on her face even after she got into the car. "She's so small, so even if you want to teach Flower, you can't treat her like that."

Max was sullen and didn't say a word. If Leila hadn't given birth to their baby, she wouldn't have paid all her attention to child. Now, he had to stop such a situation from happening. They would have more children.

It was not until the car returned to the apartment that Leila went upstairs with Max. She sniffed deeply and Max held her in his arms. "Well, don't think too much. Look, you have been to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said that you are all right. It's just that you are too nervous recently."

Leila looked at him with a blush. What he said was right. It seemed that he had already known that she was going to do the examination in the hospital. Then she turned around and ran into the bathroom.

It was another night of happiness. Both of them hoped that they would have a child as soon as possible, so they both did very hard!

The next morning, Leila opened her eyes tiredly. When the sun was shining, she got up, but wasn't accompanied by Max. She went downstairs after washing her face and brushing her teeth, and was stopped by the maids. "Madam, Mr. Mu asked me to make sure that you will drink it up."

Leila had no choice, because she knew it was his direct order. If she didn't drink it, these maids would suffer. After drinking it, she frowned and went out of the door. She didn't expect this man to move so fast.

The phone rang at this time. Leila seemed excited when she saw the name of Charles. They made an appointment to meet at a coffee shop near the company.

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