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   Chapter 452 Joy After Revenge

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The former leaned back in the chair and kept laughing. Then she told Max everything that had happened today. Seeing Leila laugh happily, he just shook his head helplessly. She was satisfied with such a little thing. He was worried that this simple woman would not bear it if Leila knew the truth.

The two drove back to the old house of the Mu family. They would come here as long as the work was not busy. They would see Flower and have dinner with Matt by the way.

The car drove into the yard. There was no sign of Matt, nor the noise of aunt and Flower. Leila looked at the man beside her in panic.

Holding her hand, Max walked into the living room. Matt maybe go out for a walk with the child, but he shook his head helplessly when he saw the little woman beside him who was restless.

When she saw the Butler standing in the yard, Leila immediately came to the dining hall with Max. She was afraid that something bad would happen to Flower.

Max walked to the door of the room and asked. When she was sure that Matt had gone out with Flower, Leila took out her cellphone from her quivering hand. On the phone, she made a call to Matt, "father, where have you taken Flower?"

Leila's tone was not good as she was anxious. Seeing her so angry, Max was in a bad mood. One was his father, and the other was his woman. He held Leila's hand and said, "Leila, don't worry. Father will protect Flower very well!"

Since Leila knew that Flower had been hurt in the head the other day, she had been worried about it. Now as they were out of sight, she was upset and restless, and Max sitting in front of her was somewhat awkward.

He had been in a bad mood all the time. Although he knew that Leila was worrying about Flower, Leila's worry seemed to be too much.

"No, I have to find them!"

Clutching her firmly with his hands, Max was overwhelmed with love and hate towards Leila's performance. He kissed Leila and tried to drag her upstairs, but Leila lowed her head to his chest. "You bastard, let go of me!"

As Leila's tears streaked across her cheeks, she heard Max's whispers in her ear. Out of her expectation, Leila was ashamed into anger, rushing downstairs.

Leila was so excited that Max put her phone away and said, "Leila, do you know what's going on? Flower's going out with Grandpa, not with bad guys!"

Leila was a little stubborn when it came to child, which made him unhappy. He grabbed her hand and went upstairs, "Leila?" "Leila, don't be naughty!" said Max, his face froze

Leila went upstairs, followed by Max. Unfortunately, Leila locked Max out. "Mr. Mu, I want to see Flower safely back, or you are not allowed to come into my room tonight!"

Leila's sullen tone made Max somewhat helpless. With Matt, he didn't worry about their safety, but Leila's care for the child was far more concern than her husband. He stood in the corridor, hoping that Matt would come back with Flower as

they should slow down.

As always, she was held by Max's arms when they got into the car. However, Leila was still worried about her own body. She wondered if all her effort for so long was in vain, or if there was something wrong with her body?

Along the way, she walked into the office absent mindedly, and saw a familiar figure leaning against her desk. Hearing the footsteps behind, Wendi turned around and looked at Leila with excitement. "Miss Leila, long time no see!"

Excited, Leila walked to Wendi and held her hand. "Congratulations on your return to work!"

They met again and there seemed to be a lot to talk. At last, Wendi had to leave her office. Due to her excellent work ability, Wendi had been promoted to Secretary of Mr. Song.

Leila reminded her, "as his secretary, you should be careful to Lily."

"Don't worry. This job is for the married women!"

They laughed together happily. In the future, she would never feel lonely in the Song Group. When Wendi heard about the accident about Leila, she frowned and said, "maybe it was not an accident."

She nodded her head and said that she hoped it was just an accident, but she still sent someone to investigate it and told Leila to have a good rest. Then Wendi went to work and became Johnson's secretary.

During their lunch break, they talked about the recent situation. Leila shook her head helplessly and smiled bitterly. "I want to have more children. I don't know what's wrong with it. I've always been..."

Wendi took her hand and said, "it's not a big deal. How about I take you to the hospital? You won't be willing to go with him in normal times. I've been bothered by this recently. He hopes that I can have more children and stay at home with him!"

The two stubborn women exchanged a knowing smile. At the beginning, Leila didn't want to. But after Wendi kept requesting, she agreed. Leila couldn't bear to see Matt's eyes full of disappointment.

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