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   Chapter 451 The Negotiation

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Leila shook her head with self-mockery. She didn't expect her reputation in the company to be compromised so early.

When her went to the office, Freddy looked at her in amazement. "Are you okay, Miss Leila?"

Squinting at him with a murderous look, Leila said, "you really want me to be hurt?"

The news that Leila came to work surprised and overjoyed Johnson. He couldn't wait to call her up.

"Leila, you have left the hospital. Are you all right? For your safety, I have got you a professional bodyguard and driver. From now on..."

"Mr. Song, I think you'd better save your energy. I don't need it!"

She turned around and was about to leave. Johnson didn't receive any response. In a nervous voice, he said, "I don't know about the cooperation between the Mu Group and the Song Group..."

Leila knew that it was not for a simple request to ingratiate her. But in order to stay here, she said the result. "You can rest assured. The cooperation will continue. The contract will be discussed in two days and it will be signed!"

Johnson was relieved. He didn't care what Leila thought of him. He wouldn't care as long as the result was what he wanted.

All of a sudden, the door was opened from the outside. Hearing the female voice, Lily rushed in in in a hurry, but only to see Leila. She was surprised and unbelievable, "Why are you here?"

Although Lily didn't know whether the situation was serious or not, when Lily saw Leila again, Lily was very unhappy. "You're so lucky! You didn't die after the car accident!"

Leila smiled calmly, "I'm afraid I'll let you down!"

The two women quarreled with each other in Johnson's office. He asked them out irritably.

When the two men came out, the ferocious momentum of Lily suddenly softened. Since Johnson was so afraid of Leila, the only reason was that the man behind her. If she could seize the opportunity to woo Leila, then she would make Johnson listen to her all the time.

She rolled her eyes and looked at Leila's back. "Miss Leila, why don't we have a talk?"

Leila stopped but didn't turn around. She had nothing to talk with a murderer. She disdained to talk to a vain woman like Lily.

Before Leila stepped out of the room, Lily said again, "if you want to know what happened between your mother and your car accident, please talk to me."

Sure enough, Leila turned around and looked at the woman behind her, "what did you say? Say it again!"

Instead of finishing her sentence, Lily turned around and walked towards the elevator. Leila followed Lily and asked, "what do you want from me?"

Lily was still silent until they sat down in a cafe near their company.

Leila's hand which was stirred with coffee froze. She stared at Lily and said, "huh! That's a joke! I

ark outside. Although they had been here for several hours, Lily didn't say anything, Lily thought it was a test for Rosa's patience.

She smiled at Rosa and said, "well, I've been here for several hours. Now that Miss Bai is here, I know that you really love Mr. Mu. But I don't know what's wrong with Leila. She said she didn't like the good man and still loved the former man. I don't know what to do. She never listened to me! "

After these words, Lily secretly looking at Rosa. As expected, there was a hint of surprise in Rosa's eyes. She grabbed the hands of Lily and said, "she told you this by herself. As far as I know, you are not on good terms with her. Why did she tell you this?"

She had thought that Rosa wouldn't believe what she had said, but Rosa had believed it anyway. Her face was glowing with unprecedented joy and excitement.

Her eyes lit up as soon as Rosa heard that Leila didn't have any feelings for him at all. She didn't care about their so-called indifferent relationship anymore. She raised the corners of her mouth with excitement, as if she had found something very important.

As long as Rosa believes it that Lily can work out a way to break their relationship.

Max drove to the building of Song Group. He was going to celebrate that Leila had recovered and been discharged from hospital. Not long after he waited downstairs, Leila had come downstairs.

She was in a good mood today. When she confronted Lily, she splashed two cups of coffee on Lily. She felt happy, and naturally she was in a good mood.

When their eyes met, Leila couldn't help laughing, "Mr. Mu, you are off work early today!"

"I'm worried about you. You haven't fully recovered."

After Leila got into the car, the man could tell that she was in a good mood, so he held her hand and kept asking what had happened.

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