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   Chapter 449 Spare No Effort

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Leila blushed and lowered her head awkwardly, "I didn't."

"Take this. Although you're full of vim and vigour now, the medicine can't stop. Drink it a few more times."

Leila didn't have complete confidence. But with her own perception, she could already feel the purpose of Johnson's coming. Although she did not have full confidence to know who was the mastermind of the car accident, there was no such coincidence in the world. Because only when Lillian proposed to transfer her own shares then Lillian was gone. She just quarreled with Lily, but it happened so quickly. It would be a lie if Leila didn't doubt this at the moment.

But Johnson had been pretending to know nothing. Was he trying to measure how badly Leila had been hurt and whether she was still useful to him? The result was unknown, and Leila didn't want to know.

After dinner, she went back to her room to take a rest. Sitting in the bed, she stared at the door blankly. As Max was dealing with those documents in his study, she didn't have to worry about how busy she would be after returning to the company.

Days passed by in this way, and for these two days, Max had been busy with work in the study, whereas Leila had been in a daze in the room. When she was in good health, Max was still worried about her safety!

It was early in the morning on the third day. When Leila was dragged out of bed, she stared at Max with an inexplicable look and murmured, "I want to go back to sleep."

"Leila, it's such an important day. Father has already sent someone to tell us that you're still sleeping!" Looking at Leila who was sleeping, Max sighed helplessly.

"Well, I see. Go ahead with your work!" Leila agreed lazily. After a long while, she suddenly jumped up from the bed, "what did you say? The Mu family's important day? "

Then something occurred to Leila. She looked at the livid man in embarrassment.

Lilian's behavior made Leila lose his temper, so he pulled her up quickly. As her husband, it was necessary to remind her, so Max had to be patient. "Yes, today is my mother's anniversary. My father has already told us to go to the cemetery with him to visit my mother today."

Leila stood up from the bed all of a sudden. Her head was hit against the bedside frame. She could not care less. "Come on, help me take my clothes!"

That was Max's biological mother, the woman he respected. When she heard that it was her Deathday, Leila immediately realized that she couldn't be late for such a day.

Although Max hadn't yet understood or why Leila changed so fast, it was not a bad thing for him when she could get up. What he feared most was Leila's rejection. He had been worried about her health, and he did not rule that she must go.

As Leila was accompanied by Mu family, she put on a set of formal black clothes. Then, Max

d all she needs to do is stay at home to take care of her family. Don't go out."

Max had already seen through Matt's mind, but neither of them had done that to break through the window paper, so Max would not do that.

Matt took Max's hand and sat down by his side. Matt's one hand was on his shoulder tightly, and the other was on his hand. "You are the pride of the Mu family, as well as the pride of me and your mother. Treat that girl well. When I see you two, I feel very warm, so I recall some past memories! "

Hearing that, Max nodded silently. He felt sad, but he could not say if Matt didn't say that.

"Father, don't say that. From now on, we..."

"Pay more attention to her safety. Although you haven't held a grand wedding, you can also make her identity public. After all, no one dares to bully the Mu family now."

Before Matt could finish his words, he was interrupted by Max. As a husband, Max naturally wanted to ensure the safety of his woman, but Leila's face was expressionless without any grievance or fluctuation.

"Father, don't worry. I'll take care of it," Max had always been respectful to Matt. Although there would be some conflicts between them occasionally, Max knew that all these were for him.

They talked for a long time, but the topic between them was only about Leila's life in the Mu family. As for the car accident, they didn't mention anything about it. Besides, Max was chatting with Matt and chatting about daily life. Their feelings seemed to get close to each other. Leila quietly leaned against the window and watched their figures.

As the sun set, Matt's butler came to the pavilion and told him that they would go back to the old house to have dinner tonight to celebrate the discharging of Leila.

Hearing that, Max waving his hand to say that he knew it, but he didn't see that Matt had the intention of standing up.

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