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   Chapter 448 An Ulterior Motive

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"I want to see Leila!"

"It's unnecessary! She is fine now. You can rest assured! "

Hearing that Max was still cold to him, he didn't know what else they could talk about apart from work and about Lillian.

After hanging up the phone, Max turned to look at Leila with soft eyes. Max began to doubt his intention.

Leila smiled at Max. The man had been with her since she woke up, taking care of her daily life and three meals by the man. She felt warm in her heart. Perhaps only when she got hurt could she understand the man's love.

How could Leila still be in the mood to laugh at such a bad time? He couldn't help pinching her smiling face. But then he seemed to think of something and kissed her on her forehead.

He told Leila that Johnson was coming to visit her, but she shook her head in displeasure. She said coldly that she didn't want to see him. The man smiled helplessly. "I've refused him for you!"

Johnson went to the hospital with Charles. "What's wrong with Leila? How did she get hurt this time? I'm so worried about her!"

According to Max's words, Johnson had also got a certificate on Leila, who was better than he thought, but her arm was still on infusion.

With a displeased look on her face, Leila took a look at Johnson, guessing the intention of Johnson, so she didn't blame Charles.

Seeing that Charles couldn't hide the truth, his face was pale. But since it was Leila's own business, thinking of the blood relationship between her and Johnson, he brought Johnson here without her consent.

With a gloomy face, Max looked at the two people standing aside. Max frowned and glanced at Charles, who then followed him out naturally.

"What do you mean, Dr. Qiao? Don't you know Leila and Mr. Song are not on good terms? "

Anxious to explain, Charles could not wait to find out what had happened. The moment Johnson entered the ward, he had sensed that Max and Leila didn't look like Johnson.

"I am just?"

"Just what?" Hearing that, Charles got smarter. Although he was not afraid of Max, his cold tone was enough to show his attention to Leila. He was more worried that the man would never let him come to see her again.

After thinking for a while, he said, "Mr. Song is Leila's biological father. Leila was injured. Can't you ask Mr. Song to see her? Is it wrong? Mr. Mu. Are you too... "

He didn't finish his sentence, but it was out of Max's expectation that Charles wasn't a man who would listen to the rules. Charles had brought someone that Leila didn't like.

Since Qiao Group was so busy, and this man still went to the hospital every day, Max certainly didn't want him to come often. The expression in Charles's eyes when he looked at Leila made him angry, but since he was a friend of Leila and h

mbarrassment, Johnson's hand swept through Leila's face quickly, and he could feel that her heartbeat was gradually stable. Then he stood up with satisfaction. "Since your body is okay, come back to work in Song Group as soon as possible. Our Song Group still needs the Song family !"

There were only the three of them in the room, so although Johnson said in a low voice, the words spread all over the room. Naturally, Leila heard him since she woke up. She could not help but heave a deep sigh. The play was about to end!

Max nodded to her in silence, and looked at Leila with much concern in his eyes.

"Leila, I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself!"

Johnson knew it was time for him to leave, for Max had paid no attention to the father-in-law. When the door was slowly closed behind, he heard Leila shout excitedly, "Finally leaving!"

Johnson shook his head helplessly. Why did she have to do this? Was his father really so bad to her?

Since then, Johnson had visited Leila twice, but she had treated him coldly. The news soon spread in the company, and Leila was called unfilial daughter because of that.

Leila recovered quickly and left the hospital soon.

Along the way back to the apartment, there was silence. Leila asked Max, "Mr. Mu, what's wrong with you? Is it because of the car accident?"

"Do you know something?" said Max, shaking his head

Leila stared at him in a natural way, as if she hadn't found out anything. "I doubt that this car accident is not as simple as it seems." said Max in a regretful tone

Not until he got no answer from Leila did he realize that he was talking to the air just now. Leila had already run back to her room.

The man stood still and shook his head helplessly. A joking voice sounded behind her, "it's only been today. Why are you so eager to have sex with me..."

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