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   Chapter 447 An Accidental Injury

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9656

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He would never allow such a thing to happen.

The news that Leila was hospitalized soon spread to Johnson. He was surprised but more worried. The people he sent to talk about the cooperation with the Mu Group were all driven back, and they told him that Mr. Mu didn't have time.

He knew that Max was busy taking care of Leila in the hospital, and it was not the right time to disturb him at this time. But when he saw the money fly away, he was not reconciled and kept thinking, 'why does the accident happen to Leila at this time? Is it intentional or an accident?'?

Lily came to the office with a cup of coffee. Seeing that Johnson was in a daze, she knew that he must be thinking something. Lily frowned, but quickly adjusted her expression and forced herself to smile to please the man in front of her.

Since she had witnessed that Johnson hooked up with his secretary last time, Lily would come to his company to stay with him as long as there was nothing to do. No matter whether Johnson was sincere to her or not, she wouldn't easily give up the title of Mrs. Song as long as she had got it.

Even though Lily was pregnant, she still looked charming.

Unfortunately, Lily did not attract his attention. Lily felt a sense of loss, and tried to suppress her anger. "Johnson, drink coffee." She bent over with her breasts pressing close to Johnson.

She knew that Johnson had an affair with his former Secretary, who was even less beautiful than her. She was sure that Johnson would be captured by her.

Johnson turned his head habitually and saw the fake smile on the face of Lily. He felt sick, but he didn't show it.

"What's up?" He glanced at Lily coldly, and her smile froze on her face. She was his wife, but this man looked at her in such a strange way. Lily felt a sense of loss. It seemed that her guess was right. Johnson didn't love her wholeheartedly.

He had been keeping a distance from the woman on purpose, for two reasons. One was that she was pregnant, and the other was that he found he didn't know much about this woman.

"Can't I come here to see you for no reason?" Lily pouted like a spoiled child. But Johnson still wore a cold face. "It's working time."

Lily' heart sank deeper. 'this man looks so decent now. Why didn't he say so when he was dating with his secretary?' Lily thought?

She frowned with displeasure, "Johnson, what do you mean? I'm your wife. How dare you talk to me like that?"

When Johnson was in a fret, he was about to sign the contract with the Mu Group. But he didn't expect that Leila suddenly had a car accident at this point, and the cooperation was delayed. Then, maybe Max would vent his anger on the Song Group. After all, Leila's car accident was happened near the Song Group.

He had been in fear and worry these days. If he lost the cooperation with the Mu Group, he would lose half of the chance to c

't need to worry about the business in the company. Don't do anything that upsets me. Mrs. Song's title is still yours!"

Johnson looked down at the eyes of Lily. He seemed to feel painful in his heart. He would be happy if Lillian was here.

Soon after, Johnson sat down on the sofa opposite to Lily and looked at her dejectedly. His mind was in a mess as he couldn't hear what Lily was talking about.

When she saw Johnson put on his clothes, she knew that she should leave now. As soon as she turned around, Lily suddenly held his hand and said, "Johnson, why did you do this to me?"

Johnson looked very painful, especially when he was facing the future of the company, he could do nothing. He thought of the woman he once loved, and for the first time he felt powerless.

"Why? Don't you believe me?" Feeling powerless, Johnson looked at Lily, hoping to get rid of this woman and let her go as soon as possible.

"I trust you! You have so many women around you! " Enraged, Lily turned around and left. When Johnson heard the last cold sentence, Johnson bitterly looked at her back. This was what he said to her, but she remembered it deeply in her heart. In the end, his woman didn't stay with him, which made him Lillian more.

The Secretary didn't leave until Lily opened the door. She took a few steps forward quickly and hided herself behind a bonsai trees. Then she saw Lily standing there lonely. When she was about to explain to Lily, Johnson was ignored by Lily. The Secretary grinned weirdly, this was the result she wanted to see.

Johnson kept silent for a few minutes. At last, he was unwilling to give up and called Max. It was answered after a long time. Max must be in the hospital to take care of Leila.

"Mr. Mu, do we have to do this? Johnson asked almost madly.

"Mr Song, it's off duty time now. If it's about work, I want to wait for work time to deal with it, and other things..."

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