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   Chapter 446 She Was seriously injured

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The two men waited anxiously at the door of the operating room. After a long time, Leila was pushed out. Because of the anesthetic, she was still in a state of coma, so Max stepped forward.

The doctor nodded with satisfaction. "It's no big deal. It's just minor bruising. The patient needs rest."

Charles also walked up to the bed and stared at Leila lovingly. They sent her to the ward together. Looking at the woman in sound sleep, Max took a look at Charles and turned around to leave.

Charles understood what Max meant, he went out too. As expected, Max was standing in the corridor and waiting for him. Charles walked up to Max with a cold face. They had calmed down by now. After hearing that Leila was fine, they were both relieved.

Looking at the sky outside, Charles stood behind Max and saw that the man's back was obviously sunken. Charles had wondered why Max didn't worry about Leila when she was outside alone. He instantly understood the man's mind. Leila was stubborn and had her own life and thoughts.

And this man had given her enough space, but

Did he give Leila enough freedom, But he could nothing when she was in danger? But when he looked at Max's gloomy face, Max was obviously worried.

"How did she get hurt? The man finally opened his mouth after a long silence. His cold and hard voice was like Asura coming from hell, making people tremble with fear.

Charles stared at the man's back in silence.

All of a sudden, Max turned and glared at him with cold eyes. Why wasn't he the first one to know that Leila was hurt? At the moment he got to know that Leila was hurt, he was like a dead man without a soul, heartbroken and unable to breathe.

When Charles saw Leila's ward from a distance, he finally understood the scruple of Max. He was worried about her, but more was distressed!

He didn't expect that Max would be like this. When Charles was about to make fun of Max, he suddenly realized a serious problem. Leila was in a car accident. As Max's wife, shouldn't she always be at service wherever she went? Why didn't she enjoy it?

"You!" When Charles was about to speak, he was stopped by Max's eyes. He frowned and had no emotion in his eyes. Except for coldness, he didn't know what this man was thinking.

"Shut up! I know what you are going to say, but she is not that kind of person!" Max looked at Charles. Leila was not spoiled by anyone, so she didn't mind anything and always kept a low profile so that people would forget her.

Charles shut up and looked around. The environment here looked pretty good. Although the hospital was temporarily found, fortunately, the facilities here were complete. He was relieved.

"Well, this place is good. It seems that Leila can have a good rest here!"

There was a relaxed snicker on his face. Leila is fine. Charles had never felt so rel

t time, so he could only care about her silently in the heart.

Although he still loved Leila. The only thing he could do now was to protect Leila as much as possible. He knew the Mu family's strength and Max's ability. Perhaps it was because of these that Leila was in danger.

He clenched his fists, and wanted to kiss her on the forehead, but he knew it was all an extravagant hope. She was now Mrs. Mu, and Max gave him so much freedom, probably because Charles was brave enough to stand out when she was in danger. He looked at her silently, then turned and left.

Charles felt helpless. He still loved her but couldn't take good care of her. He blamed himself and waved his fists.

However, Max didn't stop him from leaving and even selfishly refused to let him stay here. He didn't want to share the woman on the bed with anyone.

The next morning, Max stared blankly at Leila. After the talk with Charles, his heart was filled with unease. The eyes that Charles looked at her were full of affection, which made him feel uneasy. He was afraid that Charles would take Leila away from him because of the safety of her.

With such a terrible idea, Max began to think a lot. While Max would think of Charles's words. Don't do anything to hurt Leila. He felt confused. After all, he hoped that Leila and their child could stay with him happily. Only in this way could he be happy.

Since Leila was injured in hospital, Max spent most of his time with Leila, so there was less time for Robert to see him, or in other words, Max spent most of his time on taking care of Leila. He didn't allow anyone else to be around her.

Charles would come to the hospital to visit Leila occasionally, but he was asked to leave soon by Max, because Max felt that his position had been threatened. If it went on like this, Charles would tell Leila sooner or later that all this maybe be a conspiracy.

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