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   Chapter 444 I'm Not Interested (Part One)

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Leila stood up and looked at Johnson up and down. He was, of course, CEO in the Song Group. He should have appeared like nothing had happened under the awkward situation just now, without any fear on his face.

"Me?" Leila stood up leisurely and walked around Johnson for several circles. "I didn't expect you to be so vigilant, father. You always regard some accidents as premeditation, but referred to premeditation as an accident!"

Johnson was embarrassed. He was not certain to win in a war of words with Leila, so he went straight to the point. "I hope you can..."

Leila leisurely returned to her chair and sat down, "I know about the cooperation and I'll follow it up. What else do you have, Mr. Song?"

Johnson threw the file in front of Leila. He could only throw in the towel as Leila had the support of Max..

Leila nodded and picked up the files.

She thought that Lily must be very angry now. It was a good time for her to swoop in. She could also comfort Lily and perhaps know the news of her mother's death.

She took the coffee to the resting room where Lily stayed. She didn't know what else excuse she could use to enter it except making excuses to send coffee to Lily, though the job of sending coffee was not her duty.

Lily was not in the good mood. Suddenly, Leila's high-heeled shoes sounded in the corridor. When she came in, she saw Lily frowning at the door. She was a little surprised. "Calm down, Lily. Have some coffee."

Lily pushed her hands away irritably. Although there was no deep hatred between them, Leila was like a thorn in her flesh and was full of vigilance for her arrival. "What are you doing here? I don't remember any relationship between us. Maybe you just came here to laugh at me? "

Thinking of the scene was seen by Leila just now, Lily was so heartbroken that she wanted to cover Leila's mouth with her own hands.

"It's no big deal. We are both women, I just came to comfort y

ly got a chance to breathe fresh air. Lily leaned against the wall gasping for air. Lily didn't want to do so much effort to destroy all their plans because of Leila.

"Leila, I won't be killed by you so easily!" Lily sneered.

She took out her cell phone and called that man to ask him out. She didn't expect that he would agree so readily.

The meeting place was a coffee shop. The young man was late, Lily was one step earlier than the young man. When he saw Lily, his eyes darkened.

Lily pretending to be relaxed. She picked up the coffee cup and had a sip elegantly. "Here you are," she said with a smile

The man was somewhat surprised by her hypocritical tone, which was quite different from her previous attitude. However, he was not eager to expose her, and he was curious why she came out for him.

"What a coincidence, Lily! It's just a cup of coffee for you looking me out?" The man seemed to know her very well. Lily was even not afraid of him at all, compared to what she had done to her enemies, she had never been merciful.

She looked at the man and smiled, "it's okay. You have helped me for so many years. I should thank you. But I've been really busy recently, so I have no choice but..." Lily said while checking her wrist. A diamond bracelet was found there.

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