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   Chapter 442 Be Unhappy

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9662

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Max shook his head. Of course, he was not so stupid. He hadn't thought of a better way to contain Spencer for a while.

"Why don't you go to see him?"

Leila couldn't forget his sadness and loneliness. Spencer got hurt but couldn't even be taken care of.

This time, Max didn't refuse and asked people to prepare some food and take them to the hospital.

Max held Leila's hand and walked into the ward. Max felt a little embarrassed when he saw Bertha. Leila ignored another woman and opened the lunch box to send food to him.

When Max saw the woman again, anger flashed in Max's eyes. If Bertha hadn't lied to Leila, and Leila wouldn't have been kidnapped by Spencer. He had been worried about her for a long time. When he wanted to settle accounts with Bertha, Leila stopped him and pushed him out of the room. Leila didn't want to have any contact with Bertha now.

She came over and tried to help Spencer get up, but he had already sat up by himself. Bertha looked at them in horror and was worried about him, but she was thrilled to see Max.

He looked around and found that the three in the ward were in an awkward situation. Spencer just got out of the bed and came to Max directly, leaving the two women looking at each other.

For a moment, Leila thought of the other woman, who had betrayed her and nearly killed her. Then she turned around and walked towards the door.

Bertha stopped her, "Leila, I can't believe you can stay with him for such a long time!"

Leila ignored her coldly and pulled her away from the door. Unexpectedly, Bertha followed her out, not to be outdone. "Leila, let's see how long you can keep your pride."

The news that they had got their marriage license hadn't been announced to the public yet. Everyone seemed to be waiting to see a joke by Leila. The agreed engagement day had been going on for a long time.

With that in mind, Bertha didn't have the guts to yell at Leila. An idea suddenly struck Leila. She turned around and looked at Bertha in astonishment. "Did I hear it wrong? You are standing by Spencer's side and don't know anything about us?"

After hearing her words, Bertha's face turned pale immediately. Spencer had never told her too much things about the two of them. It was her mere conjecture.

Having the upper hand, Leila turned around and left.

Max was smoking in the smoking room with Spencer. Leila ran towards him, as if she was being chased.

When she showed up, Spencer turned around and left naturally.

Max extinguished the cigarette, looked at her, and then kissed her lips. The man could clearly hear her heartbeat, "is it..."

Leila shook her head quickly. She could tell from Bertha's pale face that Bertha was very angry, but she didn't want to think too much.

When Max took Leila back to the ward, Spencer looked at the ceiling with a pale face. The atmosphere was particularly awkwa

sleep soundly.

As long as she fell asleep, the woman would stop woolgathering. The man slightly raised the corners of his mouth. He didn't expect that she was thinking more and more serious.

In the evening, the two of them arrived at the Mu's villa early. Leila was worried about Flower. As soon as she saw Flower, she rushed up and held her in her arms. Sitting next to Matt, and looking at the mother and the daughter, Max gently said Matt, "why did you go out for a walk?"

And Leila was so worried about Flower that she didn't even care who was in front of her.

Matt just smiled gently with a little anger. "She is my granddaughter. Can't I take care of her?"

Matt pushed Max away with all his strength, and walked towards Leila slowly. He tapped the ground with his walking stick as he comforted, "don't be silly, Leila. Flower will be fine as long as she is with me."

They nodded and then Leila put Flower into his arms. In her opinion, Matt was helping them take care of their child. Since he took good care of Flower, they didn't have any objection, but felt unprecedented peace of mind.

Max waved his hand towards Leila's face, "Are you insane?" Leila asked as she avoided it carefully

The man smiled and shook his head. This woman was becoming more and more weird, but he liked her.

"I hate you so much!" Leila complained to Max in front of Matt, and hearing that, Max burst into laughter. Seeing that, Matt made them get back to their room as soon as possible. What would happen next was what Max was looking forward to.

Holding Lilian tightly in his arms, Max stared at her face with a serious look. Leila pulled Max to sit down in the chair, interrupting the man's good moment.

With a serious look, Leila asked him to sit up straight. However, no matter what Leila said, he nodded his head. In the end, Leila gave up her sermon before she went to sleep, which was soon melted by men.

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