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   Chapter 441 Don't Piss Him Off

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10040

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Both of them remained silent on the way out. After Leila and Spencer walked out of the company, Spencer immediately returned to normal but with the wounds on his face. "Sister in law, thank you so much for saving me from my brother. Now I'm all right. I'm leaving now."

Spencer looked energetic. Leila pulled him. The wound was not serious, but it was bleeding. So she wouldn't let him go.

"No, you must go to the hospital with me to treat the wound, or it will be easy to get infected!"

Leila dragged Spencer into the car and he followed her to the hospital. Spencer was making an examination inside while Leila was waiting outside.

She lowered her head and stared at the ground. A pair of white high heels came into view. Leila looked up and saw Rosa standing in front of her with a little disdain in her eyes. She just stared at Leila calmly.

Leila nodded awkwardly and stepped back a few steps. She thought that it might be the greetings between them, but unexpectedly, Rosa frowned slightly. "Miss Song, you are here..."

Leila thought that it was better to save trouble than to make trouble. She just smiled embarrassedly. Leila didn't want to answer her question, but it seemed that Rosa wanted to know why Leila was here. "Don't you want to answer my question, Miss Song? Or the person inside isn't Max? "

"What does this have to do with you?" Leila said with displeasure. She wanted to make it clear that Rosa didn't have the position to talk about it. However, the problem was, Rosa sneered at her because so many men surrounded Leila. Leila, however, remained expressionless, and had to dodge.

Feeling embarrassed, Rosa looked at Grady beside her, and before she left, she suddenly turned back and sneered at Leila, "I remind you that Max doesn't like there are other men around you, but now it seems that you are even dirtier than me!"

Leila was furious about what Rosa just said. Her cold face was more like a silent satire. While Rosa looked pale because she couldn't satisfy her words.

After coming out of ward, Spencer was about to called Leila ' sister-in-law', which was the best irony for Rosa. She stopped and turned around to look at Spencer. Leila didn't expect that the man Leila waiting for was Spencer. She turned back to look at him worriedly, but Spencer didn't respond at all and even looked at Rosa coldly. "You said that others are unclean. Look at yourself!"

Rosa looked even more embarrassed. Grady couldn't help but step forward and tried to teach him a lesson. However, Spencer didn't yield. Leila pulled up his sleeve and said, "OK, stop it. Haven't you been beaten enough by your brother?"

Spencer did as Leila said and stood aside. "I forgive you for the sake of Leila. But you have to be careful from now on. Since it's all over now, don't think about it any more!"

Rosa didn't know what to say. Rosa thought she was a disgrace for her family talking by Spencer. Lowering her head, she quickened her pace. Grady sensed her abnormality a

that Max was so considerate that she felt happy.

It seemed that Matt already knew that Spencer was hit. He frowned and called Max directly to his study. Anyway, they were biological brothers. Although Spencer's behavior was somewhat evil, but Max's behavior was too much.

"How is he now? It's good to teach him a lesson. But remember, he is your brotherhood. The Mu family still depends on you two."

Matt let out a long sigh. He had always admitted that Max was an excellent man, but he also knew clearly what Spencer was thinking about. For the sake of his son, he chose to turn a blind eye to him. However, he did not expect that Spencer would take actions against the company now, which was certainly intolerable to Matt.

"This matter has been handled. I hope that there won't be a next time for Spencer. Otherwise..."

Matt certainly knew what Max meant. It was just an accident today. If Spencer kept making troubles in the future, it would affect the whole Mu family.

"You two can compete. Don't make any noise. Do not let the people outside know."

Hearing this, Max nodded. He didn't want to do so, but he just wanted to teach Spencer a lesson.

He then left Matt's study.

Worried, Leila walked up to him, "how is it? Did father blame you?"

Hearing this, Max shook his head and looked serious. This was just the beginning. If Spencer did so all the time, he had no time to deal with the situation.

So did Leila. Not to mention the matter of Spencer, but also the people who came to make trouble today. If everyone wanted to threaten him to jump off the building, the things would hard to deal with. And it is possible they could accidentally offend others in business, Leila firmed her idea.

"Well, it's all right. Don't worry!"

It was impossible that she was not worried. But Spencer failed this time and would not stop. Leila grasped Max's sleeve and asked, "what should we do next? If that man really wants to jump off the building, will you jump with him?"

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