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   Chapter 437 I Won't Let It Go

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9569

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"Waah... Waah..."

Lily looked at Johnson feebly. Seeing that he was in a dilemma, Lily knew that he was not dare to take revenge for her due to the power and influence of Max. "Johnson Song, are you a man?"

If he didn't take the initiative to fight back, her slap would be beaten in vain. Lily stepped forward two steps and raised their hands to fight back, but Johnson grabbed her hands. "That's enough. Stop it. Isn't your ring in your pocket?"

Johnson whispered to remind her. The expression of Lily was not as intense as before. While Johnson was pulling her, she held her belly and pretended to be uncomfortable, but she still stared at Leila without any expression. "I won't let go of what happened today!"

Feeling humiliated, Johnson supported Lily and left with embarrassment.

"Lily? Are you out of your mind? Why did you do that? What should I do in the future? "

Lily fluttered her eyelids weakly and looked around. At the moment, they had returned to the Song family.

She lay on the big bed in a daze under the soft light in the room and didn't realize what had happened until her face felt very hot. She rolled her eyes and saw that Johnson was sitting at her bedside, looking at him aggrievedly.

"Oh, Lily, you're awake!"

Before Lily had time to think about something, a dull voice disturbed her thoughts. Then Johnson came to her bed, "Lily, why are you so silly?"

Lily looked at the scene in front of her with more confusion. Lily seldom saw such a scene about Johnson. How could he

She closed her eyes helplessly, trying to sort out her thoughts. What happened today was a humiliation for her. For the sake of interests, Johnson chose to ignore her feelings.

She opened her eyes again, hoping that nothing happened today, but her face reminded her of what happened today.

"I'm tired. I want to have a rest!"

Johnson nodded.

"All right. Lily, have a good rest. I'll arrange someone to take care of you."

When the door was closed, Lily sighed with relief. Lily still remembered what had happened in the past. Lily wanted to humiliate Leila in public to vent her anger, but Lily didn't expect that Leila would make Lily a fool at the end when Leila suddenly exploded in the police station.

Lily clutched the sheet angrily. Lily swore to revenge on her.

As always, Johnson was busy. Although he cared about Lily, he was perfunctory in every way. In order to prevent some women from taking advantage of her pregnancy to seduce Johnson and threaten her own position, Lily went to inspect the company at intervals.

"Johnson, what are you doing?"

Lily angrily rushed in front of Johnson and slapped the woman next to him. This woman was no one else, but Johnson's secretary.

When Johnson saw the Secretary's red and swollen face, Johnson pulled a long face and scolded, "Lily, how could you hit her l

rried. Lily even thought it was just a dream, as Johnson was quite different from the past.

The whole song family had a depressing atmosphere since the morning, though it was a little weird since Lily came back.

Lily sat in front of the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror, and the servant was preparing everything behind her. She knew that it was Johnson who told them to do this, but the man still didn't appear. Her undulating chest indicated how angry she was now, and Mrs. Song was not as good as she was on the surface.

Although she no longer longed for love as much as before, she still hoped that Johnson could be more stable. However, the result was always not as expected.

Although Lily was pregnant, Lily still took out decent clothes from the wardrobe, put on high-heeled shoes and dressed up carefully to achieve her ultimate goal.

She made a phone call to a strange man. At last, Lily took a look at herself in the mirror and took a few deep breaths before going downstairs slowly.

"Mrs. Song, are you going out?" The assistant asked as she straightened the sleeves for Lily. Standing in front of the mirror, Lily looked at herself in the mirror. Lily felt like she had changed into another person. She was really beautiful today. Her figure was somewhat different because of the pregnancy, and she was vexed.

"We can go now."

The assistant helped her out of the door. Since last time, Johnson hasn't shown up, not even appeared when Lily to leave the hospital, which made Lily very disappointed.

After assistant straightened her clothes, assistant helped Lily into the car. Lily was in a low mood and chatted with her assistant casually.

Lily felt a wave of dizziness. They got off the car and drove to a remote place. The decoration in the room was very crude and grey. Lily seemed to have been used to it, but Lily didn't expect to be here this time.

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