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   Chapter 435 Flower Suffered Injuries To The Head

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Leila shook her head. Although that was merely a suggestion, she knew that Max had always had this kind of thought. Although his tone was indifferent, Leila could feel that he was determined. "I have already said it earlier, I..."

"So many disturbing things at work do you want to continue? Leila, can you think more about my daughter and me?"

"I've said that I'll handle it!"

Leila avoided answering the question. She was really afraid that she would change her mind if she continued to talk about it. Now that Flower didn't stick to her, she was already sad, and she didn't want to continue this topic.

Leila turned to leave. However, by pulling Leila's arm, Max said, "Leila, you should face up to this problem. I don't want you to..."

Leila got rid of the man's hands and ran to the balcony. Max was not in a good mood. Max had thought that it would be easier for them to live after getting married and have children. Unexpectedly, they had so many troubles. He left his room and went to the study in silence, lighting a cigarette.

It was cold outside. The yard was filled with fallen leaves. Leila didn't say a word, and her mood was gradually calmed down. She didn't expect the cries coming from Flower were so heartbreaking.

She went downstairs in a hurry. Seeing the tears, she asked carefully, then she knew that the Flower's head knocked on the wooden floor. Her forehead had swelled up. When Flower saw Leila and Flower suddenly reached out her little hand to touch Leila, Leila held Flower in her arms gently, and touched her wound.

Seeing the tears in her eyes, Leila had mixed feelings. She gently coaxed Flower, but her heart still ached with tears. Hearing the sound, Max came down from the study, with a cigarette in his hand. Listening to his daughter's cry, he looked at the aunt by his side. After asking the aunt clearly, he slowly breathed a sigh of relief. He extinguished the cigarette and took the them to the hospital.

As the wounds became more and more swollen, blood oozed from them. After the wound was disinfected, Flower cried hysterically. Leila held her small hands tightly to prevent her from moving. After a while the wound was disinfected and applied some medicine, Flower stopped crying and buried herself into the arms of Max. Her pitiful eyes stared at Leila, as if what she had just suffered were all because of Leila.

No matter how Leila coaxed Flower, Flower just ignored her and stayed in Max's arms. She was confused at first, but soon she saw a nurse coming with a needle. She realized that the wound, sterilized was so painful just now, was deliberately by Leila, and now she didn't want Leila anymore.

Max holding Flower in his arms, the nurse gave Flower an injection when she was not paying att

order to win the business, he had to be polite to her.

There were more and more employees outside. Johnson's face turned ghastly pale. He took Leila to the office and slammed the door, which exposed his true colors. "Leila, I'm warning you, if you leave the company now, I will regard it as you give up the right to inherit the Song Group automatically."

Leila sneered. She thought, 'maybe he is still worried about his own interests. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so desperate to drive me away. Now he is trying his best to retain me. How ridiculous!'.

"I think that's what you really want, isn't it? That's why you killed mother!"

"Shut up!" Shock was written all over Johnson's face. "Why did you say that? I didn't hurt your mother!"

Thinking of her mother and the ugly face of Johnson, Leila was so ashamed that she wanted to leave at once. She insisted on leaving, but was pulled back by Johnson. His tone softened a little. "Leila, it's okay for you to resign. Now you are invited to join the cooperation of the Lu Group in Hainan. If you can, I hope you can deal with the cooperation. Now the whole board of the company is hoping you can solve it. I can promise you that I will return the shares belonging to you and your mother to you as long as you reach the agreement with the Lu Group! "

"Are you telling the truth?"

Johnson nodded solemnly. For a moment, Leila's heart wavered. She knew that the reason why Lillian had been killed was because of those stock shares. Now she just wanted to take back what had belonged to her and her mother and live a peaceful life!

Leila took a long breath and nodded slightly. Since she had promised Johnson, she couldn't quit for the time being. But Johnson didn't want her to quit. She could come and go freely in the company because of the cooperation with the Mu Group.

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