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   Chapter 434 A Scheming Person

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Following behind her, Spencer felt a little helpless. If he had known it earlier, he would not have offended her. Now it was OK. Everything was put on his head. After all, Max's punch was not a joke!

"Leila, that's what you asked. It has nothing to do with me. Why did you..."

Leila ignored him and which were busy tidying up Flower's the toys. But when she saw Spencer behind her fawning over her, she helplessly shook her head and said, "since you are so scared, how dare you still make fun of me at that time!"

Spencer explained it was just a joke. Leila looked up at him seriously and said, "I was just kidding. But if your brother took it seriously, then I have no choice but..."

Time flew, and the servant in the yard just got up the next morning. At this time, Max appeared at the door with a long face. "Mr. Max."

The man passed the servant and went directly to the second floor. He kicked the door of Spencer's room open, Spencer sitting up from the bed vigilantly, he knew it was a special morning when he saw the grim face of Max.

"You said that?"

Spencer nervously put on his clothes and got out of bed. "Brother, didn't Leila tell you that I was just kidding with her?"

Max kicked him in the body. "Are you kidding? It's not good to talk about this!"

But Spencer knew there was no escaping from the blow. He didn't fight back after being beaten by Max a few times. He ran directly to the door of Leila's room and shouted to her. Leila opened her eyes and heard the sound of fighting. Then she opened the door in her pajamas.

Spencer was beaten badly by Max. The man stopped his beating when he saw Leila. She was so charming in her pajamas.

He let go of Spencer and shouted at Spencer, "get out!"

The next second, the man quickly entered into the room, and Leila then realized the danger. Before she could retreat, the man had held her in his arms. Leila felt awkward and wanted to leave, but the man had already held her in his arms. "Honey, don't be so troublesome!"

Leila's body hung in the air. She put her arms around the man's neck tightly, feeling the heat radiating from the man in such an early morning. "Let go of me. It's time to get up."

Leila immediately stood up when the man lay down beside her heavily, but was pulled back by the man's powerful hands. "Honey, sleep with me for a while!"

Looking at the tired look of the man, Leila didn't have the heart to refuse him, and she also complained in her heart. She didn't expect that he didn't forget these things even he came back with tiredness. She rolled her eyes at him, and it was obvious that the man was no longer see her. As the sound of rhythmic breathing sounded, Leila stretched his brows. Such a man really made her heart ache.

As time passed, Leila wriggled her body

s possible and be a good mother.

After lunch, Leila was taking a nap in her room. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was her assistant, Tansy. Tansy on the other side called Leila's name anxiously, "Miss Leila, Mr. Song got angry. He didn't see anyone who was sent to discuss the cooperation with the Lu Group today. Mr. Song fired the one."

Leila didn't feel offended. She knew that it was normal for the Billy to play tricks on these employees. But she didn't know why Johnson had lost his temper?

"This matter is supposed to be handled by other people in the company. You don't have to report to me."

"Miss Leila, It It's Mr. Song who asked me to call you. He also said that this matter could only be solved by you! "

Leila sneered. How could Johnson be so sure that she would make a deal with Billy? The more restless he was, the more difficult she would be to deal with. Now she knew the name of the person who kidnapped her last time. Leila didn't want to have anything to do with Billy, so she said to the phone in a fret, "tell Mr. Song that I have nothing to do with it. I don't care!"

When she hung up the phone in a fret, Max opened the door and came in. Seeing that Leila threw her phone away irritably, he came over and asked her what happened. Leila looked at the handsome face of the man. He was so good to her, so she had no reason to lie to him. When she told the fact that Billy took her to the villa before, Max frowned irritably.

"Nothing serious has happened between us!"

Before Leila could say anything else, Max's face darkened. It was not the first time that Billy had been attracted by Leila's beauty. Now that he had gone too far this time, Max said, "Leila, why don't you stay at home and take good care of our child? Anyway, we will have more children in the future, and it's better for you to stay at home this time."

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