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   Chapter 433 Come Out To Work

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The taxi stopped at the gate of Wendi's apartment. Leila walked into the elevator quickly. Except for Max, Charles was probably her only friend whom she could talk with. But she knew what he was thinking about, so she had to find Wendi.

The woman inside was surprised to see Leila. Then she held Leila's hand and let Leila walk inside, hugging her tightly.

Wendi's child had been taken care of by the nanny since he was born, so Wendi recovered quickly. She was very happy to meet Leila at home.

All of a sudden, Leila thought of something, "since you invited the maid to take care of the kid, why don't you do it earlier? And you asked me to teach you parenting knowledge?"

Wendi shook her head helplessly and said with a wry smile, "it's a pity that you don't understand Mr. Mu's kind intention. In terms of professional skills, can you be better than these powerhouses? Obviously, that's the only way Mr. Mu came up with in case you're sad."

Leila froze for a moment. It seemed that Max didn't say anything, but he had done a lot of things she knew now. She was a little moved, but the struggle in her heart was not over yet. "What are you going to do next? Do you want to stay at home and be a good wife and mother to continue to have more child, or... "

Wendi pushed Leila away. "What are you talking about? It's so suffering to give birth and I don't want you to fight alone. I'm going back to work in Song Group!"

Leila's eyes twinkled with surprise, but soon she looked at the children and the scene that Flower was not close to her flashed in her mind. She looked at Wendi despondently, "forget it, otherwise that the child will not remember your appearance in the future."

An indistinct sneer appeared at the corners of Wendi's mouth. "Which is more important between hatred and family affection? I thought Johnson would lose something. I didn't expect him to kill auntie. "

Thus, it was easy to see that Johnson was so vicious that maybe it was him killed Wendi's parents. With her hands clenched angrily, she said, "I must take my revenge."

Leila knew there was no point in stopping her, so she quickly changed the topic. Perhaps she knew that Robert went abroad with Max on a temporary business trip, so Leila stayed here for some more time.

"Leila, what I said is true. I just want to take revenge. After that, I will focus on taking care of my child at home, and I won't care about anything outside."

Leila looked at her and asked, "does Robert know your idea?"

Wendi sighed helplessly. The last time they had a fight was mostly because of her. She wanted to go out to work, but was stopped by Robert. Leila didn't expect that she still wanted to go back to work, so Leila softly patted the back of her hand and said, "you'd better think about it. I'm also bothered by it now."

They smiled at each other again and went on in silence.

A day p

before, and was a little bit belated. Although Max said that there were only a few women around him, and she only knew Bertha, she was still a little unhappy when thinking about it.

"Well, I swear to God that my brother has always been serious to you since you were together. He never had any other women around him. You must believe in him!"

Seeing that Spencer was eager to explain, Leila couldn't help but burst into laughter. Whether it was true or not, there was no scandal of him on the newspaper now. She knew that Spencer was joking with her, but she couldn't help but think too much. So she decided to tell what she thought.

"Do you think your brother went to meet someone on a temporary business trip?"

Spencer and Matt laughed at the same time. Looking at the serious look on Leila's face, Spencer wanted to say more. Then the phone rang. Leila hung up the phone immediately when she saw the familiar name.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. Spencer answered it quickly, "hello? Brother, sister-in-law is investigating the past. "

Leila frowned in embarrassment. If he knew it, he would think that she was jealous and cared about him?

Spencer then handed the phone to her. As expected, the man on the other end of the line was in a good mood. He asked with a hint of delight, "Do you miss me?"

Shocked, Leila raised her eyes and looked at Spencer. She came up with an idea, "I heard that you went abroad to have a mistress?"

Looking at her nervously, Spencer knew that it was Leila's revenge on him, but he didn't expect her to say it in front of Max.

"Leila, what are you talking about? I am not! "

The man's anxious growl made everyone hear it. Leila said unhurriedly, "Mr. Mu, are you angry or guilty?"

The man was defeated by Leila, so he hung up the phone. Leila was just like a spoiled child. Leila stared at Spencer, as if saying that waiting for Max to teach you a lesson.

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