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   Chapter 431 The Simple Job

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Leila didn't reply, seeming not to believe what he had said. Then, Max stood up and looked at her with a faint smile. Since this woman liked to work so much, let her try the piled up work.

"All the cooperative projects of the Mu Group and the Song Group are here. You can come!"

As the man stood up and went out, Leila walked over and sat down on the chair. She couldn't understand the complicated procedures and numbers at the moment, so she sat on the chair in a daze.

When she was not busy, she hoped she could be a little busy. Now she was really busy, but she had no clue. She looked through some documents, which were full of the work that had been accumulated previously. Leila had to carefully check it and also follow up the project progress. This time, Max gave the song group the great benefits.

She didn't dare to slight them. Johnson was a very crafty man. He must have an ulterior motive for getting such great benefits. Leila always followed him closely.

After a short hour, Leila found that she still couldn't handle these work smoothly. She breathed out a long sigh. It was because her ability was limited, and there was no Max in her side.

She thought for a while and went out to have a look.

On the spacious balcony stood a tall figure dressed in casual clothes. He looked into the distance with cigarette in his fingers burning.

"I You... "

"How could you deal with so many documents in such a short time? It seems that Miss Leila is really good at working," Max teased as he turned around and stubbed out the cigarette

Leila blinked and shook her head awkwardly. She wanted to explain, but the playful smile on the man's face was a little deeper, because he knew everything clearly.

"I I want you to accompany me to read those documents. "

Gritting her teeth, Leila determined to tell him her request. For her, her biggest weakness was that she couldn't make any decision without Max by her side. Max also found out that Leila could only see some superficial things, but she didn't find out some fundamental problems.

After taking a deep breath, Max took Leila to the study. He sat on a chair and hugged her into his arms, but she struggled hardly. "How can I be in the mood to work in this way?"

Leila pulled up a chair and sat on the other side. It was obvious that she didn't want to disturb each other.

"It depends on the actual situation. Don't be fooled by these data!"

Leila nodded and took over all the documents about the Song Group. She looked up at the man in front of her, who was looking at seriously. Men were really good-looking at work.

Noticing from the corner of his eyes that Leila was looking at him, something came to his mind. Max stood up and walked to Leila's back, with his warm hand rubbing on her shoulder with frightening temperature. Leila regretted as she bit her lip. If she had known that she wouldn

e to him unexpectedly. "What happened?"

Compared with Leila, Matt looked more calm. After asking about the situation, he asked Spencer at once, "go and check where he is now."

"I can't get through his phone. I can't even get through all day long. I don't even know when he went out."

Leila sat beside Matt nervously. After calling a few people, Spencer walked over leisurely. "Let me tell you a good news. My brother can't die. He's abroad now. He has to deal with some tough matters himself."

Leila breathed a sigh of relief, "what's so difficult? Why didn't he turn on the phone?"

She worried about him and was restless. But the man was cruel enough to turn off his phone and let her waiting for the whole day. She didn't want to try again because the feeling of sitting there and waiting to die was killing her.

A few minutes later, Leila's phone rang. When she saw the name of Max, she hanged up angrily. She wanted this man to experience the feelings of waiting and worry.

Soon the telephone in the living room rang and Matt answered, "she's here. If you don't show up, you wife will cry!"

Leila blushed and lowered her head. She almost cried just now because she was really worried about him. After hearing what Matt said, she only felt embarrassed. When she was about to leave, Matt called her back and handed the phone to her. Leila answered the phone reluctantly, "You Are you okay? Are you safe? "

With a smile on his lips, Max thought, 'I just received a temporary call in the morning. Something happened to my branch company abroad, so I decided to go abroad temporarily. But I didn't expect that Leila would feel that the world was in chaos after only one day's absence.'.

He smiled in a funny way. Although he was dissatisfied with Leila's attitude towards him, he remembered what Matt said. "I'll be back soon. Don't cry!"

Leila hang up the phone angrily and murmured, "I didn't cry!"

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