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   Chapter 430 Time Alone

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Then she trotted over the man's sports car, but she was quickly caught up by Billy. Leila stepped on the pebbles, which hurt so much that she grimaced. Therefore, Billy had to get off and carried her into the car.

He lifted her foot to check the wounds.

"Ah, be gentle, it hurts!"

Then Billy started the car with a sullen face. Leila bit her lips and didn't speak, her feet were bleeding.

The car stopped at the hospital after a while, Leila opened the door and was about to get off, but she was carried out by Billy. The woman was so shy that she lowered her head. She was never so close to a man other than Max. Leila had a bad feeling and struggled to come down, until she met Billy's determined eyes.

"Don't touch me. My husband would hate me being touched by other men!"

"You've almost lost your life. Why do you still care about this?" Billy stared angrily at her, but couldn't help laughing.

Leila pushed the man away. As she slowly walked towards the emergency room, Billy pushed the wheelchair to Leila. Leila didn't refuse this time.

The doctor checked up her wounds, all of which were cuts and bruises. But because of the deep prickling, there was a lot of blood in the process of cleaning. Leila was shocked by the sight.

After the wounds were wrapped, Leila made a phone call to Max. Billy was still here when Max arrived. Max had a feeling that Leila's injury had something to do with the man in front of him.

"Leila, what happened?"

Leila bit her lips and her head lowered. Max said with an angry tone, especially when he saw the man beside her.

Leila grabbed Max's hand. "I can't believe this is how Mr. Mu treated her wife." Billy couldn't stand this anymore.

"None of your business!" said Max, staring at him with narrowed eyes

After saying that, Leila was held up by Max. Billy sadly looked at their backs, feeling distressed as if he had been abandoned.

Leila didn't dare to look into the Max's eyes until she was placed on the chair. His livid face seemed to be about to explode at any time.

Sitting in the driver's seat, Max wasn't in a hurry to drive. He looked straight ahead, and from the corner of his eyes, he could see the little woman beside him apologizing to him. He compressed his lips and sighed. He never hated Leila. He spoke in such a tone as he was pissed off just then. Now he stared at her feet with pity. "Does it still hurt? What happened? "

Leila told the truth frankly. The man was very dissatisfied after hearing it. How dared Johnson to do such things? Shouldn't it be done by people from the PR department?

He said angrily and started the car. Leila was arranged to rest in the apartment. If there was nothing important, she could only stay in her own room. She couldn't walk yet.

The maid brought the food to her. She shook h

h a long corridor, she could reach the parking lot. As long as she got there, she would be fine. So she gritted her teeth and ran down the steps.

Max ran down from the steps with his eyes wide open. How could this woman be so silly to think of such a stupid way? He shook his head helplessly and hugged her up. "Leila, don't be so capricious!"

Leila snuggled up to him meekly. She felt a little scared when she saw the angry expression on Max's face. Meanwhile, she was glad to have such a close relationship with him. Leila felt bittersweet.

When they returned to the apartment, Max sent her to the room and directly went to the study. He knew her personality. Leila would be so bored that she could not get out. She was so angry that she thumped the pillow. It was obvious that this man had grounded her.

Leila was not convinced and rushed into the study. Max frowned slightly, he could live with her spoiled manner once or twice a day. But if she kept messing around, he was about to lose his patience.

"I want to talk to you!"

Leila said confidently, but when the words were about to come out of her mouth, she still felt lack of courage. Max raised his eyes and looked at her seriously, "What's the matter?"

Leila vented all her dissatisfaction and it turned out to be Max's fault in the end. She was complaining of the husband.

"Do you really like working?", said Max, with a frown, as he laid his hand on his forehead and leaned back on the chair.

Leila nodded, while Andrew shook his head and smiled bitterly, "my dear wife, do you know why I'm so busy?"

Seeing that she was surprised, the man continued, "As your husband, I think it's necessary to protect you, and also to clean up the mess for you!"

Max pointed at the documents in front of him. Those documents were shelved because Leila's absence at work and now these had to be handled.

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