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Max clutching Leila's hand tightly, Leila was worried in her heart although she said didn't care on the surface. She silently looked out of the window.

The man's eyes had been observing Leila's every move since they got on the car. He knew what she was worried about, and what happened today was no small matter. He also knew that Johnson was determined to kick Leila out of the board.

As the car went on, Leila looked out of the window, absent-minded. She didn't know when it had stopped at the gate of Song Group. She was in a daze.

"What are you thinking about? We are already here."

Leila took a look at the outside, took a deep breath and got off the car slowly, followed by Max. Max tidied her collar and handed the portfolio to her hand. "Hand this over when necessary. It will be okay!"

The man's tone was very determined. Leila looked at him with blinking eyes. Max didn't say anything but gently kissed her on the forehead. Leila walked into the door firmly.

When Leila walked out of the elevator, Freddy cast a secret glance at Leila. Leila was dressed formally in a black and white business suit. She looked professional as her hair was rolled up.

Seeing that Freddy was waiting at the door of the office, Leila sneered in her heart. Johnson's intention was obvious. She went into the office, put down her bag, and went to the conference room with Freddy.

Freddy sneaked a look at Leila, whose face was expressionless. She walked close to the meeting room, and almost all the people in the meeting room had come. Leila sat on her seat as calm as usual.

Leila's presence caused a great tumult in the meeting room. Leila ignored the commotion, raised her head and made eye contact with Mr. Dong. Leila nodded.

Johnson cleared his throat, and the meeting room was quiet at once. He looked at his watch, then at his assistant and nodded slightly.

The assistant first reported the company's recent operations, and then focused on some problems with the board members.

He couldn't help looking at Leila. Then someone questioned, "Miss Leila's performance in the company was seen by everyone. I don't think she's good enough to be a shareholder, so..."

Hearing that, there people with Lily's side began to echo his words. And the sound of suspicion about Leila became louder and louder. Leila raised her eyebrows and looked at Johnson. While he looked troubled, Leila found him extremely disgusting.

Silence reigned for a long time before Johnson finally managed to speak. He looked at Leila and said in a fatherly soft tone, "Leila, as a shareholder, you should respect the company. Since everyone is dissatisfied with your work, it's better to vote on you now to decide whether you can stay in the company or not."

The corners of Leila's mouth lifted to a proud, subtle smile. Sure enough, all

"Miss Leila, you have done a great job! You have reverse the situation!"

Leila turned around and looked at Freddy. He was a shrewd and sophisticated man. If she could take him as her own man, she would have one less enemy in the Song Group.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhou. If you hadn't reminded me, I wouldn't have..."

A piece of shrewdness flashed through Freddy's eyes, and he said, "Miss Leila, I have made up my minds to you !"

"Well, I will need more support from Mr. Zhou when we work in the Song Group, I will certainly treat you well!"

Freddy nodded and went out of the office.

Although he was the man of Johnson, if Leila could give him a better future, he would naturally choose the latter. After all, he was still young and his career needed to be strove for!

Leila tapped on the table with her finger. She had won the battle unexpectedly, but she had to face all kinds of trouble.

Lily knew that they were failed to kicked out Leila of the company. What's more, Johnson pleaded for her in person, which made her very unhappy.

She smashed everything in the office with pieces of cloth one by one, making a loud noise. Then Johnson came in and saw everything in a mess. He growled, "what are you doing here? Isn't it messy enough now?"

"Humph, Johnson, what's wrong with you? How did you promise me that you would kick her out of the company at all costs? Why do you..."

Johnson frowned. What happened today was also out of his expectation, but he couldn't just let the great benefits go be like this, so he persuaded, "calm down. It's Max behind that girl. If you still want to be Mrs. Song, then be honest. It's not the time to offend that girl now.

Lily fell into silence. Lily knew things were not as simple as she thought, so she stopped making trouble. Lily stretched out her soft hands and put them on Johnson's. "When will the end take place?"

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