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   Chapter 420 Meet Again (Part One)

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"I said it was difficult to get a taxi here. Where do you go. Can I send you?"

Leila ignored what he said and continued to hail a car. Finally, a car came to them and Leila wanted to get on, but taxi was asked to go away by Billy. The woman couldn't bear it and stared at him with dissatisfaction, "what are you doing? Mr. Lu, you have interrupted my work and delayed my time. Do you know that? "

Now that Leila didn't want to get in the car, Billy had no choice but to force her into the passenger seat. As Leila wanted to struggle, the man had tied her up with the safety belt.

When they were driving forward, Leila deliberately looked out of the window and didn't look at him. Then Billy didn't get angry. He walked her to the gate of Song Group safely. When he saw that Leila was about to leave, he pulled her sleeve and asked, "Is your last name Song ?"

Leila looked at the man behind her in surprise. Was it strange? But she didn't want to know why the man was so surprised. She shook off his hand and was about to get in, but then out of her expectation, Billy's hand caught her again. He just touched the part where she was scalded. Billy felt her pain and immediately wanted to take her to the hospital.

Leila stood still, looking at him awkwardly, "I'm fine. I've applied medicine."

"Don't you want to invite me to have a cup of tea if I drive you here from afar?"

Leila shook her head helplessly. It was in the company, not her home, but her workplace. What's more, when she appeared in the Song Group with the man called Billy, she couldn't imagine what would happen to the staff in the company again.

Leila stared at the man beside her in silence. As restless as Billy was, she couldn't help but lead Billy to her office. On their way, Billy asked Leila a lot of questions including her position in the Song Group and her major work.

Leila chose to be perfunctory and soon

ll go to the wrong place."

As the man begged her again, Leila put her work aside. To tell the truth, work was just the office supplies that the Department had lacked recently. She looked at the account of the reimbursement.

Leila took him out. When they arrived at the gate, Billy nodded with satisfaction. He stood under the steps, looked at Leila and said, "I think we will meet again soon!"

The woman sneered. "Come on. As long as you will never show up in my life, I don't think we will meet again!"

Billy said nothing. Then he got in his car and drove off.

He came here to negotiate a cooperation project on behalf of his father. The reason why he chose this city was probably because that Max and Leila were from this city.

Leila turned around and walked back. The employees were whispering. Leila found that they seemed to be concerned about her life, so she shook her head helplessly.

When Leila went back to her office, Freddy also looked at her curiously. If she told everyone that she knew Billy only during her travel in the Hainan, perhaps no one would believe her. Since this was the case, Leila didn't think it necessary to explain to everyone. She went back to the office table again and continued to read the insignificant documents!

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