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   Chapter 419 Countermeasures

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10216

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Max patted her on the shoulder gently and took her to his car. Looking at the man standing on the side of the road, Max left.

Leila looked at the man next to her in surprise. There were too many people around, and she almost had no chance to approach Max. But now, she asked with confusion, "why did you go to Astrid's birthday party?"?

"I was worried about you, so I followed you there. I didn't expect that you were set up by Astrid. Now that you know what kind of person she is, you'd better keep away from her!"

Leila nodded. She didn't dare to meet Astrid after that happened, for she had known her true colors. Astrid not only made herself suffer, but also didn't want her to live a normal life. How dared Astrid hit her in such a blatant way.

The two returned to the apartment. Leila felt relieved when she saw Max. Max walked out after a long time of walking into the study, Leila looked thoughtful. Max could not help raising her chin, "you should be careful when it comes to the Song Group. Don't you know that Johnson is joining hands with the directors to dismiss you?"

Leila's eyes widened in surprise. How did he get to know such confidential information, and seemed to know it more clearly than her. Leila was not only surprised, but also curious.

At this time, the little woman was a little panic stricken. Needless to say, this time, Lily must be blatantly announcing her dark history. Now, perhaps everyone in the company knew about it. She sighed powerlessly and looked at Max for help.

"You still remember the Mr. Dong of the Song Group, don't you? He is a member of our group. You can take this. If you tell this in the board of directors, they won't dismiss you."

Leila couldn't wait to read through the papers. She found that it was a cooperation plan about the Song Group and the Mu Group. What Max meant was to exchange her position in the Song Group with this plan.

"Is it worth it?"

The man took off his coat and looked at Leila. "If you think it is important, then it is; otherwise it is not!"

He looked out of the window and believed that what Astrid had done to Leila must be revenged!

Leila took a look at the document as if she didn't understand. It was about a new cooperation project. Although she didn't understand why Max would do this, she still chose to believe him instinctively.

The property of the Lian family was at a severe turmoil the next day. Veron stared at Astrid with rage. "Now you see, it's all your fault. Why do you have to pick on Leila?"

"Humph, you can blame all the things that happened to her on me now. Don't forget what you did in the past. You still saw Leila upstairs. If I am the chief criminal, then you are surely an accomplice."

Veron slammed the door behind him.

Astrid let out a long sigh of relief. Astrid had thought that she could humiliate Leila, but she didn't expect that someone would take her away at the critical time. When Max took action, the Lian family was affected again, but it seemed that the Lian family had accepted this fate.


d. Sitting face to face with Leila, she would make Max happy even if she did nothing.

Leila prepared some food for him and put it in front of him. Envious of all the employees, Max slowly enjoyed the lunch that his wife brought for him under the gaze of everyone.

The employees were shocked. They didn't expect that the once dignified president would have a tender side as well. He would even take his wife to have lunch together just for the lunch in the company.

Leila shyly looked at the man on the other side. Apparently, the latter was accustomed to such attention, but Leila didn't seem to be accustomed to it. She just ate a few bites.

"Why don't you eat?"

It was not easy for Max to have a meal with Leila in the company's restaurant, but Max didn't expect her to eat so little. Looking at her, Max knew that she was shy, but he didn't say anything. He wiped the corners of his mouth and took her to the office. "It's still early. Go inside and have a rest."

Hearing the ambiguous tone of the man, Leila felt that the room temperature kept rising. She just sat on the sofa for a while and saw that the man was busy with his work. She didn't have the heart to disturb him, so she took her coat and was about to leave.

"I will ask my secretary to send you back."

Max didn't raise his head. He was really busy, so Leila had no choice but to leave for him. She refused the secretary to send her, and left the building easily.

She had to work in the afternoon, and the next day was the board of directors. She didn't want to make any mistakes at this time, especially she couldn't leave the Song Group so easily.

Leila had to walked a crossroad, where a dazzling sports car stopped suddenly. Billy whistled to her, "where are you going?"

Leila rolled her eyes at him. She didn't expect that the man was so pretentious. When Billy saw that Leila ignored him, Billy walked up to her and continued to introduce himself. Leila couldn't stand it any more, so she stood at the roadside, waving to hail a taxi.

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