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   Chapter 418 Poisonous Wine

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9616

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"What are you doing? Astrid, what are you doing? "

Veron stared at Astrid angrily. Even though he had hated Leila before, he was still furious when he found out that Leila had been set up!

"Don't you know what I'm doing now? I just want you to see how I'm going to take revenge on Leila," said Astrid, looking scornfully at Veron.

Now, Veron finally understood what the man he had met at the door was for. Astrid was not having an affair, she was going to use the man to frame Leila.

He resisted these instinctively. "Are you crazy, Astrid? How dare you to hurt Leila?"

"Why do you feel sorry for her? Don't you know that the Lian family was not as powerful as it used to be? Who caused all these?"

He didn't know what to say. Then he noticed Leila's odd look, he even hesitated a little bit. Astrid held his arm and went downstairs.

"Well, I'm sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I'm coming now." said her, with a slight and elegant smile on her face.

Astrid gave an evil look at Leila before leaving. What had happened just now was so unreal as if it was a dream. She didn't expect that she could easily knock Leila down.

Billy was not in such a good mood. He could have been so close to Leila but now he was standing in the corner with a glass of wine in his hand. Someone pushed the birthday cake in, when the light in the hall turned dark. Astrid put her hands together to make a wish. Her smile was as innocent and naive as a child, and then she blew out the candles. Everything seemed so beautiful.

But Billy didn't like this woman.

Max's heart froze, and the people who were talking happily seemed to have forgotten his existence. He was not in the mood to chat with them, and he had to find Leila as soon as possible. The hypocritical face of Astrid was really disgusting.

As the very last person to come to the stage, Veron gave a big hug to Astrid, and then handed a birthday gift to her. Astrid was so happy, she kissed him on the face and said, "Honey, thank you so much!"

They were the loving couples in everyone's eyes. But only Veron knew what had just happened. He whispered to Astrid, "What are you going to do with Leila?"

"Leila...Leila...all the time! You are already a married man now. Why do you still think about that woman?"

Keeping silent, Veron let go of her.

He patted her on the shoulder, and asked, "Hey, where is Max?"

A bad premonition arose in Veron's mind. Max must have known something.

"He...", Astrid explained awkwardly.

Astrid acted like an innocent little girl and turned the charm on Veron. She paid no attention to Max's every movement.

Seeing the intimacy between the two, Billy's eyes suddenly dimmed. Veron had paid too much attention to Leila, and that was not something he should worry about. Pretending to be tired, he went upstairs.

As Leila's room was open, Billy noti

atch it up."

The bodyguards were standing at the window, looking down but found nothing. Then they rushed downstairs with a lot of people. Leila and Billy followed the bodyguards.

What Leila said made Astrid feel threatened. She asked a group of bodyguards to go straight to a corner. Then Billy took the opportunity to take Leila to the parking lot, and those who didn't like to watch the scene left in groups, which covered them up perfectly.

After the car drove out of the parking lot, Billy was relieved and said, "It's just a piece of cake. There is no challenge at all."

Leila was still in silence. From being drugged to returning to her room, a shadow lingered over her heart, and she wanted to figure out what had happened. Looking at the clothes she wore, she felt nothing wrong and got a little relieved.

"Still thinking about what happened just now?"

It seemed that Billy knew what was on Leila's mind, so he couldn't help laughing at her. Leila just glanced at him coldly and continued to be silent. Except for Max, she had no good look on her face to any other men.

Billy stopped the car on the side of the road. Leila immediately called Max, and soon Max found her. Max opened the door and pulled Leila off the car angrily, "Leila, what's going on?" Do you know how much I'm worried about you? "

Thinking of what she had been through, Leila only felt wronged when she saw Max again. She sniffled with her nose and almost burst into tears.

Billy got out of the car and greeted Max as usual. Max stared at the man with surprise. He had heard about Billy as well. Last time when they were in Hainan, Billy helped him a lot. But today, Billy showed up here and took Leila away successfully which made Max even more confused.

But since Billy rescued Leila out of danger, he nodded politely to him. Then Leila threw herself into Max's arms and said, "I was framed by Astrid today."

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