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   Chapter 416 Hidden Crisis

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Leila shook her head and smiled to comfort him. "I just don't want to be too blatant. I don't want anyone to get hurt because of us!"

"So are you worried about me?"

Not until then did Leila realize that she had fallen into his trap. She took a deep breath, "all right, let's go downstairs first. Father and others are waiting anxiously downstairs."

Matt was preparing for the breakfast when Leila said with a smile, "father, I have to work today, so I can't have breakfast at home."

Looking at the intimacy between the two people, Matt was extremely happy. He nodded repeatedly. Finally, he glanced at Leila. "Bring some food on the way. How can you not have breakfast?"

Max and Leila had to do as they were told.

Max drove her to the Song Group. After the wedding, Leila had a worse reputation in the company. It was rumored that she wanted to do harm to the children of Lily because she was worried that she would turn against them for property.

Leila sniffed at them. As usual, when she walked into the elevator, she heard some noise behind her. She was kind enough to open the door, but unexpectedly, they are Lily and her assistant .They saw Leila. Obviously, they were surprised too. Why Leila didn't escape this time.

"Humph, I don't dare to take the elevator with you. How can I know that you didn't hurt my child on the wedding ceremony? Will you continue to hurt my child this time?"

Knowing that she did it on purpose, Leila didn't want to explain. She closed the door of the elevator and left indifferently.

Lily was so angry that their faces turned pale. After the wedding, they heard that Leila was not going to work in Song Group anymore, but they didn't expect to see Leila again. Anger and resentment made Lily lose her minds. She took the elevator directly to the floor where Leila worked. The assistant followed her with fear, "Mrs. Song, you are pregnant now. Let's go to tell Mr. Song. Don't let her hurt you again! "

Lily gave the assistant a stern look, and said, "how dare you scold me? This is the company. How dare Leila hurt me here?"

Leila went to her office, and her mood wasn't affected at all by meeting Lily.

"Miss Leila, here you are."

Leila nodded as usual. Freddy looked at Leila. The news of the wedding didn't affect her at all, which made Freddy surprised. A serious event had happened, but Leila dared to show up in public in the Song Group. It was said that Mr. Song had beaten her up. It seemed that their relationship was true

Leila knew what they were thinking. There was no walls in the world could keep the secret. Presumably, the staff of the wedding had already spread out in the company. She smiled bitterly. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Freddy immediately handed an envelope to Leila. Leila opened it in surprise. It was Astrid's birthday

f directors recently.

With the arrangement of Johnson, the board of directors confirmed the specific date of the meeting. Leila received the call from Mr. Zhou. She nodded in surprise. Although she didn't know what was going on in the company, what worried her the most was tomorrow's banquet. She was not sure if she would go or not?

The board meeting would be held three days later. Leila took her coat and called Max. Knowing that the man was still in a meeting in the company, she rushed there.

When Leila arrived at the Mu Group, the secretary told her that Max was in a meeting. So Leila nodded and entered the office. As her identity had been announced to the public, no one dared to neglect her.

Exhausted, Leila leaned back on the sofa and closed her eyes. The meeting was held all of a sudden without any inside information. She was worried that it was the plot of Johnson song.

Coming out of the conference room, Max saw Leila sitting on the sofa in silence, and he was also tired, leaning against the chair with two fingers pinching the center of his eyebrows. When Leila suddenly opened her eyes, she stood up, walked to the man's back and gave him a massage on the shoulder. Recently, because of Robert's injury, Max had to do all the work by himself.

"Are you tired? You must be very tired without Robert by your side! "

Leila turned around, poured a glass of water and put it in front of Max. The man went on with his work. She stood quietly beside him, His eyebrows sometimes tightly wrinkled and sometimes slightly relieved. When he was doing work, he was so immersed in it.

Leila slept deeply on the sofa. She didn't open her eyes until the man's coat fell on her. Looking out of the window, stars had come out. She rubbed her eyes, "is there still work to do?"

Max nodded and covered her with a coat. "Have a good rest. I'll be fine in a while!"

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