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   Chapter 415 An Attack Of Danger

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It was a long time before Spencer started the engine again. Leila patted him on the shoulder and said, "I think you should know who I am. I'm your brother's wife and your sister-in-law. Why should I regret?"

Spencer nodded and made a turn at full speed. Then Leila felt her body was almost thrown out. Only then did she find that he had started the car. The speed was so fast that she felt a little scared.

"Get off!" Spencer was so angry that he wanted to drive her away.

She looked at Spencer, who was with an unreadable expression and then looked at the place in front of him. Was he going to leave her here?

Confused, Leila asked Spencer, "don't you fear that I'll tell your brother?"

"Get off!"

Spencer warned again.

Leila opened the door and was about to say something to Spencer, but the car was running forward like a wild horse.

Taking a deep breath, Leila walked along the road. It was not a remote place, and there were many taxis running in the traffic. But Leila didn't want to take a taxi back because she didn't know where to go and where to be alone.

There were very few people on the road at that time. Leila steadied herself and walked towards the end of the road which was somewhat ethereal and obscure.

She heaved a deep sigh. She didn't expect her life to be such a mess.

She didn't know how long she had walked. From a distance, she saw Spencer's sports car slowly driving towards her. She stood on the step silently.

The car came to a sudden stop when it was beside Leila. Spencer opened the door on one side and said, "get in the car!"

Leila looked at him in surprise, "why do you come back?"

But Spencer didn't say anything, but ordered her to get on the car again. Leila looked up at the road and finally got in the car.

At the side of Spencer, there were many cigarette butts. She let out a helpless sigh and said, "smoking is not good for your health. Quit smoking."

Looking at the cigarette butts, she felt a bit more forbearance and worry. She could tell from Spencer's expression that he must be very upset, and he was upset mostly because of her. After all, to the two men, she was like a burden.

Spencer didn't say anything but drove the car silently.

He was indeed a little angry just now, but it was not a wise choice to leave Leila alone here. If he was found to know by Max, he would be reprimanded. Moreover, it was not a good time to stay here alone.

"You won't tell my brother, will you?"

Leila shook her head, with a bitter smile on her face, "you came back to find me because you were afraid of your brother, and you didn't really want to drive me back?"

Spencer kept silent.

Although he didn't have any other intention to Leila, as his sister-in-law, he was quite satisfied with her performance. At least, she treated them family sincerely.

"Anyway, you are always my sister-in-law and my brother's wife. Theoretically, I shouldn't have treated you like this." said Spence

f you don't want to tell me, I won't force you. But now I have to tell you, since we are married, I'm the one you can rely on in the future. You can tell me everything!"

Leila nodded gratefully. What Max said was like a determination enveloping her heart. She shook her head bitterly. She was already satisfied with such an excellent man, as if in a dream and be spoiled by him, to marry him.

When the first beam of light came in the morning, Leila turned over with a lot on her mind. The window was bright, while the inside was empty with disappointment. She didn't know what to do.

"Honey, get up quickly, or you will be late for work."

Leila sat up from the bed suddenly, with a little joy and excitement in her heart. This was the first time that Max took the initiative to talk about work with her, so she was very excited.

All she needed to do was to focus on her work.

"What's wrong? Are you still unhappy about what happened last night?"

Leila turned back violently, only to find that Max was standing calmly behind her.

"What Why did you promise me to work? "

He spread out his hands and patted Leila on the shoulder, "do whatever you like, and I'll be your backup at any time."

Leila was shocked. She looked at the man in front of her blankly.

He forced her to a corner, "well, it's time for you to answer my question. I don't want to wait too long for the answer!"

Leila shook her head, "no How could it be? "


She shook her head firmly. Although her heart has already begun to hesitate, she didn't want him to see that she was jealous.

Looking at her with some disappointment, Max suddenly dropped a kiss on her forehead. "Go to work today. I don't want to see you so aggrieved..."

If only he kept Leila at home, she would not be happy, and her working in the Song Group would also put her in danger. After thinking twice, Max still decided to let Leila work in the Song Group, so she might be happier.


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