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   Chapter 410 Don't Be Afraid

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The miserable scene, lying on the bed and closing her eyes, appeared in her mind. Leila suddenly opened her eyes, stood barefoot outside the door of the study, and the door was not locked either. She heard Max's murmur of irritation from the study, "it was not Leila who did it this time."

She closed her eyes in pain, never thinking that Lily would use such a vicious method.

Max hung up the phone irritably. Being questioned by the board members of the company, he had to pledge with his strength. When he opened the door and saw Leila standing at the door, he frowned, "what's wrong with you?"

Leila looked at him with a gentle smile, "I'll handle it myself."

She turned around, changed her clothes and came downstairs. Before Max could react, Leila had already rushed out. She didn't believe that Lily' conspiracy was not intentional.

Looking at the petite figure in front of him, Max could not help but sigh slightly. This woman was sometimes stubborn. He opened the door and Leila sat in the car. "Take me to the hospital." said Leila

"Are you sure you want to go to the hospital now?" He could have heard the slap from Johnson just now. Half of Leila's face was still red and swollen. How could he let her go to be bullied.

Leila made another call to Charles, which was out of the expectation of Max. He quietly looked at the woman beside him, wondering why she wanted to see Charles.

When the car arrived at the hospital, Charles had been waiting for her. Leila walked to him closely and asked, "do you believe me, Charles?"

Charles nodded firmly and then she told Charles the whole story. Suddenly, she grabbed his hand and said, "Charles, you studied medicine. Only you can help me."

Seeing that Leila was holding another man's hand, Max couldn't help but feel a little angry, but after knowing what Leila wanted to do, he looked at this woman and found that she had become very strong.

Charles took them to the hospital and soon found the doctor who conducted the surgery for Lily.

"Bruise?" She frowned in confusion, and then looked at Leila. "Are you sure that you remember it wrong? I just gave her a complete check-up, and there was no bruise."

Leila breathed a slight sigh of relief, and then Charles asked her to prepare for proof of that. They came to the ward again. Through the glass window in the ward, they saw the woman in it. At this time, she was lying on the bed, safe and sound. On the contrary, Johnson stayed by her bed like a devout man. Thinking of how Johnson treated her mother in the past, she angrily clenched her fists.

Noticing the weird atmosphere outside, Johnson walked out of the ward in a few steps. Seeing that Leila then Johnson was not in a good mood, he lowered his voice and glared at her. "What are you doing here? Aren't you ashamed of what happened today? "

They thought that Leila would become more mature after she grew up and gave birth to her

reason Max said, Leila smiled slightly and said, "I'm fine. Can we go home now?"

Hearing that, Max nodded. Leila looked beautiful when she had calmed down, but it was so sad for her that he was somewhat distressed. He kissed her and said, "if you have nothing else to do, let's go home now!"

It was quiet in the car. Leila watched the scenery outside the window nervously, and then found that the man's lips were tightly pressed together. Too many things had happened today. She didn't know how the man sitting next to her would look at her.

"What are you thinking about?" Max couldn't help sighing in his heart, and he found that Leila didn't seem to want to tell him what was in her mind, which gave him a headache. It seemed that since Lillian's death, she had become silent, and often lost in thought.

He still held her hand tightly, which didn't scare Leila at all, but worried that he was still angry. The obscure expression on his face made her deeply guilty and remorseful. She gripped his hand and apologized, "I'm sorry, sorry..."

She lowered her head and murmured, not knowing how many "I'm sorry", the car stopped in front of the apartment, and then Max went out with Leila.

He walked very fast, and Leila almost couldn't keep up with him. As soon as he entered the room, he threw Leila on the big bed, and got closer to her.

"Ah!" screamed Leila. She felt that she was hugged by Max. He breathed in her face with a faint fragrance, and then he kissed her face, neck and lips.

Leila wanted to struggle, but Max was holding her so tight that she couldn't move. She wanted to push him away, but his big hands held her still. She hemmed and hawed, unable to utter a word.

Max's breath became faster, and Leila kept wriggling. She was afraid of such Max, and tears had come out from the corners of her eyes.

After the kiss, they both gasped for air. With teary eyes, Leila looked at him and said, "don't Please don't. "

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