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   Chapter 408 Attend Their Wedding

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Leila opened her eyes dramatically. She felt a little disappointed inexplicably. But she still got up from the man's arms. It was good to attend the wedding. Why should she prepare well?

Max saw through her but was not in a hurry to explain. The evening dress had been prepared in advance. He asked Leila to change it. Leila was unwilling to get up and change it. Then, the two went downstairs to have breakfast. During the process, Max went to the study, and when he came back, there was a delicate box, which looked very beautiful.

He opened the box and pushed it towards her. What amazed her was a delicate diamond necklace wearing different colors. Leila was surprised. She had never seen such a necklace before. But this one looked familiar. She had seen it in a magazine.

"Do you like it?"

Leila nodded, simply looking at the necklace, simple and generous, let alone the diamond on it was priceless. She looked at Max and asked, "where did you get it?"

Disdain appeared on the man's face. This woman was so stupid. Normally, when other women saw such a valuable thing, they would first take it up and looked it with themselves. Unexpectedly, this woman showed such a calm expression. After closing the box, Max closed the box and kept silent about the necklace.

After dinner, they went straight out. Leila didn't know what Max was going to do. After all, they couldn't help them at the wedding. And according to her, they just wanted to see it. As for the wedding, she really didn't want to congratulate it. On the contrary, she hoped that Johnson would never find his happiness!

When Leila was still in a daze in the car, the car stopped. Leila got out of the car with her skirt lifted up, and saw a stylist standing behind her. She was surprised, but only to attend the wedding ceremony of Johnson. She could image how many people would go there, and how many people would really bless them. For this wedding ceremony, Leila didn't want to prepare.

She frowned slightly. "Can I refuse? Do I have to carefully dress up to attend their wedding? I didn't want to attend at the beginning!"

She told what she really meant. If Lily didn't satirize her, she might really think that out of sight is clean!

"Go! Why not? I will not only go, but also dress you up to make you a focus. Don't forget that you are my wife. "

Leila was asked to sit on the chair, being fiddled by the stylist. She was reading magazines again and again and looked at the man behind her through the mirror. This man was now reading newspaper quietly. She could not help laughing. How could he be so quiet?

After making up her appearance, Leila habitually walked to the side of Max to let him see. The man smiled with satisfaction, and he rubbed her beautiful collarbone with his fingers. The cold touch of the diamond necklace came. Leila was stunned. "Is this for me?"

She immediately explained, "I thought you would give them such a precious gift."

The man's eyes darkened a little. "They don't dese

truth? Leila, I didn't know you would end up like this! "

Max walked through the crowd and saw Daisy from here. He nodded to the crowd to apologize and walked towards Leila.

Daisy's words successfully drew everyone's attention, and people seemed to be interested in the gossip. Leila rolled her eyes at her, "I advise you to hide your true colors. Today is their wedding day."

"It's none of your business. Do you really think that Max would marry you?"

"Why wouldn't I marry her?"

A cold voice slowly came from the door. Just now, Daisy was absorbed in hitting Leila but ignored Max's existence. She did not expect that this man was so concerned about her and came to help her out.

Hearing that, Daisy's face turned pale all of a sudden. Although the relationship between them was not clear yet, it could be seen that Max cared about Leila everywhere. He disdained to attend such a wedding, but now she could see Max in such an occasion.

Daisy looked at him, trying to be calm. This man was the biggest rival of the Thousand Ming group. Now she had the backing of the Thousand Ming group, so she was not so afraid. However, there was naturally a kind of oppressive momentum in Max.

"I mean you are not clear relationship with each other yet. I don't think it's appropriate for Mr. Mu to stand up for her!"

Daisy became less aggressive in an instant. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Max took Leila's hand slowly and said, "Miss Song, you must have misunderstood. Leila is my wife now!"

All the people at present were surprised. There was a news report saying that they were going to be engaged, but they were not engaged at last. Now it was said that they were already married, which made everyone curious.

The fact that Leila was admitted by Max was a great shock to everyone present, especially Daisy. Daisy thought she could humiliate Leila in this way, but she didn't want to be used as cannon fodder. Max acknowledged Leila's identity, so Daisy felt humiliated.

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