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   Chapter 405 You Won't Be Happy

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Noticing that Rosa was trembling, Grady took her hand gently. However, Rosa dodged him directly as if she got an electric shock, which made him stunned in embarrassment.

Everybody sat down together, and Max began to pick up food for Leila, which was witnessed by Rosa. It was extremely eye-catching. When Grady picked up food for her, she stared at the man beside her fiercely. What she needed was the care of the man opposite to her.

"By the way, when are you going to have a baby? You'd better have a baby as soon as possible! "

With a gentle smile on his face, Max held Leila's hand and said, "don't you already know that I have a daughter? But it's good to have more children!"

All of a sudden, the men laughed. Leila's face turned red from embarrassment. It was not like him to say something like that in front of so many people.

They were familiar with each other, so there were not many doubts about their marriage. As long as they were happy, nothing else mattered. Rosa's face was pale, which made Grady very worried.

After dinner, they continued to go to the next place, saying that it was Max's treat. They walked into a private room.

Rosa stood at the door, staring blankly at the man in the ward. The man who had taken her heart all the time was now holding another woman's hand. She thought he would only hold her hand.

"Rosa, you don't look good. How about I take you home now?"

Rosa stared and pushed Grady away. She shook her head and said, "I'm fine. You can leave here if you don't want to get in."

Because Grady always defended her, she thought the reason why Max ignored her was probably that Grady was by her side, so he didn't care about her.

Grady shook his head in a daze. Since she was with them now, he was very worried and silently followed behind Rosa.

Max sat down beside Leila, with his arms around Leila's shoulder. His main purpose today was to invite them to dinner and announce their marriage so that Rosa could give up on him.

He knew what was on her mind, but he could tell from her eyes that Rosa still had feelings for him, so he kept her at arm's length.

The table was filled with a lot of wine. The men drank alone. They pushed the wine in front of Max, but Leila pushed the wine back. "He can't drink!"

Max's hand stiffened in the air, and he clung to Leila's earlobe with affection. "I can drink now."

Leila shook her head, patted his hand and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Mu, if you want another child, then be a good boy."

Max kissed Leila on her forehead. He would rather go for the baby, than drink.

Rosa sitting aside awkwardly and fixing her eyes on Max, Grady took care of her. Rosa took several glasses wine and her fair face turned red. Seeing the couple were so close to each other, she drank another glass angrily.

All of a sudden, Rosa stood up, staggered to Max and raised her glass to him. "Max, I wish you ha

ith you?"

Taking a dissatisfied look at the man behind her, Leila slammed the door of the bathroom with a bang. Then, Max walked over. He knew better than anyone else that Leila was angry!

He opened the door of the bathroom and asked, "honey, what's wrong?"

Since he couldn't get the answer, Max had to adopt the soft tactic. Leila glanced at him, "wash your body quickly!"

It was not until then that the man realized that he had taken off his coat and thrown it out. There was a faint smell of perfume on his body, which belonged to the taste of Rosa. He finally understood why the woman was angry. It was because of Rosa.

After taking off the clothes, Max clung to Leila's back and said, "my dear wife, what happened today was an accident. It won't happen again."

Leila stared at him with her eyes round like two apricots. "I'd like to know how it feels to rekindle the relationship with your old love?"

Looking at the angry woman, Max bit his lips and said, "what? It feels good! "

Leila squinted at him and pointed at his chest with her finger, "Oh, really? Mr. Mu. Don't you know you are a married person?"

Looking at the serious look of the little woman, Max couldn't help but burst into laughter. He walked quickly towards Leila, forcing her back to the wall of the bathroom. Then he raised her chin with his slender fingers. "I remember, but we have more things to do now."

Leila was fully aware of the man's true intention. His eyes were full of lust.

After a good sleep, Leila opened her eyes and stretched lazily. She felt more relaxed in the days without Flower. After washing up, she realized that it was weekend and she didn't need to go to work today. But she didn't know where was Max.

She searched around the apartment but didn't find Max. Then she asked the servants, who knew that Max had gone out in the early morning. Looking at the dining table, she found that the breakfast was ready.

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