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   Chapter 401 Give It Back To You

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Leila walked towards Max in surprise. She found a name card written by Billy on it, which indicated that Max had known it. So she turned to look at him with resignation. Moreover, he might be angry about this.

"What?" She stood aside with an innocent look on her face. She didn't have any close relationship with Billy, but now when she saw such a scene, she believed that Max would surely be angry with her.

"I I can explain! " Leila walked to the man with bare feet. "Nothing happened between us."

Leila knew her explanation was not convincing, but she still explained it. She didn't want there to be a lot of misunderstandings between them.

Looking into her eyes, Leila stared at Max with black and white eyes without blinking. Although this woman didn't say anything, Max couldn't accept that her wife had been even loved and cared by another man.

Knowing that all her explanations were in vain, Leila picked up the flowers on the table and went out directly.

Unfortunately, she ran into Billy at the hotel lobby. She stormed towards him and yelled, "Give it back to you! And I'm married. I love my husband very much!"

"You don't have to explain anything to me. It's my business to send flowers to any woman," Billy said with a wicked smile, as he noticed the anger in her eyes

The man didn't take the flowers. Seeing that, Leila angrily threw the flowers in the man's face. Everyone present was shocked. Billy was the son of the hotel owner, and he was always idling around. Since Billy knew Leila, he would send flowers to her as he liked.

Billy didn't get angry, but he was surprised to see Leila coming out in such an early morning.

Upon hearing this, the manager came over. When he saw these two, he immediately understood what was going on. One was the boss's wife of the Mu Group, and the other was the son his boss. He couldn't afford to offend neither of them.

When Max came out of the elevator in clean clothes, he found that Leila and Billy were confronting each other. The manager was embarrassed and Max walked up slowly to stand behind the little woman. The manager's face changed but he did not dare to say anything.

"At last, let me tell you that I'm married. I love my husband very much. Take back your courtesy. I don't need it!"

When Leila was about to go, she suddenly found that Max had already stood behind her. She was so embarrassed that her face turned red. Her appearance was so different from the little woman in his eyes. She lowered her head to lower her sense of existence and passed by Max, but she was pulled into his arms.

The moment Leila looked up, the man's lips fell to hers without warning. She was panicked and wanted to escape, but her head was held by Max. Being kissed by him in front of so many people, Leila felt happy and ashamed.

The kiss lasted until both of them were a little out of breath. Max looked at her with his beautiful

looked at the man next to him. Then Billy walked down of the building in a natural manner and said, "you'll kill that woman if you call so many people!"

A wry smile emerged on Max's face. The one who dared to hurt Leila would surely die!

The two men walked into the building. Inside it, there was a simple grey wall, which looked very simple. Now Billy took Max to a room, where he was. When Max looked around, he didn't see Leila.

"Where is she?"

The man wore a smug smile on his face. It seemed that they really got the right person this time. It seemed that the two men opposite were both interested in the woman. "Don't worry. You embarrassed me twice in a row. How should I get it back with you?"

Billy and Max sneered, thinking that such a person was so arrogant, and this man didn't deserve to be their opponent!

"Where is she? Send her here to make sure that you are safe, but if you dare to hurt that woman..."

Looking at the man beside him leisurely, Max didn't expect that this man cared so much about Leila, but at least Leila should be saved first.

The man laughed even more wantonly. "I didn't mishear, right? Both of you want me to let go of that woman so easily. Unfortunately, I can't promise you. That woman is too beautiful. I think probably all men will covet her beauty!"

"I'm asking you one more time. Where is she?" asked Max, striding forward to grasp the man's collar as Max clenched his fists more tightly unconsciously. Leila was his wife, so he didn't want others to gossip about her

The man just sneered but did not speak. Out of anger, Max punched him in the face. So many people rushed in from the door. Billy relaxed a little, and the two fought with the people here. It took no effort for Max and Billy let the man to beg for mercy. He took the two men to the room where Leila was. When Billy was about to take off his coat, he was stopped by Max. His woman could only wear his coat!

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