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   Chapter 400 Coming Across Danger

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9662

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"Leila, why are you dressed like this at night?"

Leila turned around and moved close to the man. She touched her hair and said, "Mr. Mu, you can go after another woman. Why can't I have my own free time?"

Leila had left the room before Max could speak. Just now, she was too angry to think about it, so she had made an appointment to the bar of the hotel with Billy. She had been curious about his background, and he seemed to know a lot about it, including that woman's room number.

When Leila came out of the elevator, Billy whistled. As expected, Leila did attract many men's attention. She walked up to Billy slowly and said, "let's go!"

The hotel was a resort hotel, well equipped. The pub was part of the hotel. Billy and Leila were brought in. In the dim light, people could only see their bodies swaying in the loud music. Leila frowned slightly and sat down in a corner with Billy.

She came out just to have a relax. Now that Max had returned to her room, she thought it necessary for them to make everything clear today, but she had made an appointment with Billy in advance, so she had to get down and deal with him for.

Billy gave her the wine. Leila refused. Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

The door of the grid room suddenly banged, as if someone was trying to knock on it. She cautiously walked over, but heard the heavy gasps of a man and a woman coming from inside. She blushed and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, the door was opened at this time, and the woman held her naked body in panic. The man's clothes were quite neat, he saw opposite was Leila, The man came forward with a wicked smile. "Little beauty, we meet again!"

Shocked, Leila turned back with her hemline lifted, but the man moved faster than her, catching up with her in a few steps, and pushing her to the wall with her hand. Seeing this, Leila kicked the man's lower part of the body, and seized the chance to escape at once!

The man followed and kept cursing. Leila had walked to the corridor. "You want to escape? I tell you, it's not that easy!"

He quickly caught up with Leila, held her hand and wanted to kiss her. Leila turned her head away because of disgust, but she couldn't get rid of this disgusting man.

After watching Leila go to the toilet for a long time, Billy stood up and walked towards the toilet. When he saw the man holding Leila's hand, he got angry and gave the man a punch on the face, "you want to die! How dare you make trouble in my place!"

The man lost his face in front of Leila. He was first beaten hard on the beach by Max, and now he was beaten by another man for the same woman. He couldn't help but sneer. "Why are you so soon change for a different man? Aren't you like you double the money? As long as you stay with me for one night, I will pay double for you, don't you?"

Then, Billy struck out his fists ag

w how dangerous you were just now?"

Max could not help but roar. Since seeing Leila was held by that man on the beach, he had an impulse to lock her up so that no one could see her beauty.

Suddenly, Leila grasped Max so tight that she could hardly breathe. "I know, I know everything. I am so glad that you have come!"

She have taken the initiative to compromise in his arms, and she also knew that she was scared, which surprised Max. He thought that he had to talk a lot of reasons with Leila so that she would know she was wrong, but he didn't expect her to give up so soon.

He didn't mean to blame her any more. He just patted her head slightly and said, "All right. This kind of thing will never happen again. You are my wife. I will protect you in the future!"

The relationship between them was as sweet as honey tonight. In the man's arms, Leila was as tender as water. Having sex for a whole night, Max fell asleep with Leila in his arms.

The next morning, the door of the room was knocked open. With a ghastly pale face, Max walked back to the bed and looked at Leila who was still asleep. In the early morning, a bunch of flowers was sent to her. Moreover, Billy also signed his name on the flowers!

He held the card between his fingers and looked at it for a long time. They just knew each other for one day, but this man began to send flowers to her. He was such a good player!

He was silently smoking in the balcony. When Leila woke up, she walked barefoot behind the man and asked, "what's going on? Why do you smoke in the early morning?"

"You and that man..." said Max, as he put her arm around Leila's shoulder

She fiercely pushed him on his shoulder, "what do you think of me? Am I that kind of person?"

Max's eyes fell on the flowers on the tea table. "Mrs. Mu, I didn't expect you to be so charming. After all, you are a married woman. Why would someone send flowers to you?"

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