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   Chapter 399 The Happy Couple

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Leila noticed their action from the corner of her eyes and couldn't help but feel a little angry. This man had just said that she was too expose and a little jealous. But now, she could see from her direction that they were tightly holding together. She got up angrily and went to a man's side. "Let's go!"

Looking at her petite figure walking on the sand with a man side by side, Max also took the woman beside him angrily. The woman was flattered and stuck in his arms. How she wished that something had happened now.

"I don't know your name, miss."

But Leila didn't seem to hear that. Her eyes were all on Max. Even if she had gone too far with other men, but now Max was almost kissed that woman.

"Miss, what's wrong with you? You seem distracted."

Leila shook her head with embarrassment. Then she cast a stern glance at Max and continued to chat with the man intently.

It was not until then did she realize that the man sitting next to her was a born in a rich family with a little background. No wonder he was so bold. Leila chose this man because he looked gentle and she didn't hate him!

"Nothing. I'm wondering if you are able to find another woman as you are so excellent ."

The man couldn't help laughing, "you are different from them!"

Hearing this, Leila thought the man beside her was a master at love. They walked for a while, and Leila suddenly returned to the dressing room. When she changed her clothes and came out, the man had been dressed and waited at the door.


"There's a coffee shop over there. Would you like to go there and have a rest?"

Leila took a look at Max, the woman was still with him in the distance. In spite of that, Leila walked straight towards the cafe with the man. "Oh, I haven't asked your name yet."

"Billy Lu!"

Max thought Leila would be jealous to stay with him, but he didn't expect the woman to go with a strange man.

He cast a cold glance at the woman and said, "let's go to the coffee shop."

The woman's eyes glimmered with delight. Many women on the beach were coveting such an excellent man, but she didn't expect that he would be easily attracted by her.

They changed their clothes and walked to the coffee shop. When they saw Leila sitting inside through the window, Max felt depressed. This woman was now sitting face to face with a strange man, talking. How could she forget her husband so soon?

He quickened his steps and suddenly appeared beside Leila, coldly staring at the man opposite, "get out!"

Leila and Billy froze at the same time. This man had an intimidating aura around him, but Billy wasn't afraid of him at all.

"Sir, are you out of your dislocation? Didn't we agree to come here for coffee?"

With a livid face, Max sat down at another table with the woman, but his eyes kept falling on Leila. The woman opposite kept saying

Please go on!"

Then she turned around and left the room quickly. With a self-satisfied expression on his face, Billy looked at Max with admiration.

The room became quiet. The woman pressed herself against Max. Max pushed her away and turned around to leave. However, the woman blocked in front of him. She did not understand that the man in front of her took the initiative to bring up the room, but now he wanted to leave after nothing happened. Naturally, she was not reconciled!

He glanced at the woman coldly with his sharp eyes. He remembered exactly what this woman had said to Leila just now. When did someone say something like this to his woman?" That woman was just my wife! "

The woman's face was pale, and the man's face was too frightening. "Why do you not like your wife, so it's no wonder that a woman like her is so bossy around you. If I were you, I would also feel depressed. After all, every man wants to be surrounded by beautiful women!"

"You're wrong. You should pay for what you said," said Max, with his hands lifting of the woman's neck

He threw her on the bed and the door slammed shut with a bang.

Leila walked out of the bathroom when Max returned to her room. Max watched her change into a long Bohemian style dress in the closet, revealing her beautiful shoulders and back. Her hair scattered down loosely, which looked charming.

From the moment he entered the room till now, Leila didn't say a word. It was so late, but she still wanted to go out. The angry made him lose his reason. He held Leila in his arms.

"Mr. Mu, did you enjoy yourself just now?"

A punishment kiss fell on her lips. Sure enough, his little woman was still losing her temper because of what happened a moment ago. Max didn't care so much, just crushing on Leila's lips and breathing heavily.

Leila kept struggling, pushing him away, "I'm so sorry, I still have a date."

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