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   Chapter 392 I Need Your Help

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Leila quickly got in a taxi and told the address of the Mu Group. She had planned about what she would talk with Max for a while, but when she finally arrived downstairs, she became nervous, as if she hadn't been to the Mu Group for a long time.

Standing at the door, the guard looked at her with some embarrassment. Although she had a good relationship with Max before, it was her first time to come to the company, and the staff of the company couldn't figure out the relationship between them.

"Miss Song Miss Song. "

Leila nodded, "I'm here for Mr. Mu."

The two women at the front desk checked the schedule and lowered their heads. They apologized, "Miss Song, please wait a moment. I'm calling our CEO now."

Leila nodded slightly. She didn't want to make things difficult for these people. She didn't show up here until a year later. No wonder they did so.

After hanging up the phone, the receptionist felt more embarrassed and said, "Miss Song, please wait for a moment."

Leila was astonished. Soon the door of the elevator opened and Max came out. Seeing Leila and Max was wearing a doting face, the people around were all stunned. He looked at the crowd with displeasure. "Miss Song is my wife now, and she can freely enter and leave the company in the future!"

Max's words shocked everyone. The CEO had got married.

He took her little hand and led her into the elevator. The door of the elevator closed and the man was leaning over. "Why do you think of coming here?"

If he remembered correctly, what Leila was thinking about now was revenge. If nothing happened, why would she come to his office?

Leila just pressed her lips and smiled, but the snicker in her eyes had spilled over her mind. After a deep kiss on her lips for a while, Max released Leila. Then he held Leila's hand and walked towards the office. All the secretaries were shocked when they passed through the Secretary office.

The cold and low-key CEO actually held a woman's hand. The intimacy between them was even more surprising.

Feeling embarrassed, Leila tried to get rid of him, but he held her even tighter. "Don't do that. Everyone is watching!"

The man put on a smile and said, "why should I be afraid of it? We are legal couple!"

However, Leila was still not used to him like this. She got rid of him and sat on the sofa. Then she saw the files spread on his desk, "go ahead with your work."

Max turned his face to her and asked, "what do you want to drink?" Before Leila answered him, he said to himself, "well, you can't drink coffee. What about juice or water?"

Leila didn't know what was in this man's mind. She looked at him and asked for water.

Very soon, he walked out of the office and back with a cup of water in his hand. Leila was a little surprised. He actually went to the tea room himself.

The cup was placed in front of her. Leila still felt a little unreal. It was just a glass of water. Max asked the secretary to prepare water in the past, but today he was differ

difficult, especially from the eyes of the secretaries. They were full of envy and resentment. "Oh, it seems that I have become the enemy of all women in your company!"

"Of course not!"

He said gently. Compared with her felt difficult, the man next to her was very calm. She looked at him in surprise.

"You are the only Mrs. Mu. How could I choose other women if I have chosen you? As for the envy and resentment in their eyes, I can't help you because your husband is so outstanding!"

"Shut up!"

Leila pushed him shyly. She couldn't bear to see such confidence from the man, but she was not confident at all.

Leila smiled, Max kissed her suddenly .Leila raised her head and tried to avoid, but was held tightly to the man's arms. When the elevator door opened, the people in the hall happened to see that. They all pretended not to see that.

After a short while, Max came out. Max was so dignified that no one dared to look at them. Leila was led by him to the parking lot.

The scene was just a little scary but fortunately they were wise enough.

As the footsteps went far away, people began to whisper, "isn't that Miss Song, the woman who was engaged to our CEO a few days ago?"

"Yes, it seems that he really loves her this time!"

"Why aren't they engaged?"

When everybody was confused, Leila got on the car of Max.

Looking through the car window to the people around them, she shook her head helplessly. "Sure enough, following an outstanding man like you is destined to become a talk among people!"

"So Mrs. Mu, do you like it or not?" asked Max, looking straight ahead

Suddenly, Leila put her index finger against his lips, "Shh, Mr. Mu, keep a low profile. How can I come to the company if you keep doing like this?"

"Then you can think about making our marriage license public and make it the headline!" said Max

Leila couldn't imagine the life after it was public. It must be a life of journalists spying on them every day. She shook her head immediately.

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