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   Chapter 349 His Child

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Leila regained her strength a little bit and begged Charles to take her to see the baby.

She saw her baby through the glass.

Leila covered her mouth and burst into tears. Her baby was born at last. It belonged to her. But now, Max should be with another woman, and it would be as tender to another woman as he had been.

While crying, she burst into laughter. Leaning against the glass, she asked, "is that really my daughter? "

She was somewhat absent-minded. She was enlightened at the moment she saw her daughter. Love was not what she only wanted. Now she paid more attention to her daughter.

Charles held Leila tightly and comforted her softly, "don't cry. The baby is so healthy. Why are you still crying? You should be happy about it. "

Leila nodded. Charles took her to the ward, "don't cry. It's said that if a woman cried during her confinement period, it will cause severe sequela."

Leila immediately stopped. She grabbed Charles's sleeve and said, "I want to go somewhere else." 'Leila just gave birth to her baby. Where could she go now?' Charles thought? Moreover, with such a little child, everywhere is inconvenient.

"Leila, don't think too much. You just gave birth to a baby. Where are you going with such a little baby?"

Leila was shocked. She didn't even think about these questions that Charles said at all. But it was certain that Leila wanted to leave desperately now, because she was worried that Max would come back and take her child away.

"Charles, I..."

Charles seemed to have read her mind. "Well, don't worry about it. Take good care of yourself. I will take care of everything else. How could I see you and the baby get hurt?"

He kissed on the forehead of Leila, which happened to be seen by Lillian. There was a smile on her face. She did not deny that she liked Lillian very much, and she had thought about the matter between Leila and Charles. If they were really together, she believed that Charles would take good care of Leila.

"Leila, you woke up."

There was still water on her eyelashes, which indicated that she had just cried. Lillian handed the chicken soup to her and said, "you is so disobedient. Don't cry when you give birth, or you will leave the sequela."

Leila nodded and began to eat with the care of Lillian. Charles sat aside quietly. Lillian brought the chicken soup to the ward and watched Leila eating it all.

She just wanted to leave some time for Charles and Leila.

Looking at Leila, Charles held her hand as he sat beside her, "Leila, I..."

It seemed that Leila had known what he was going to say. She withdrew her hand awkwardly, "don't do this, Charles I..."

Anna stood at the door and coughed. She heard that Leila had a premature birth. She came to see her as soon as possible, but she didn't expect to see such a scene at the door.


I'll listen to you. I'm going to the hospital now."

Matt wanted to dissuade her, but Rosa left with a determination.

Matt hit Max with his walking stick. "You bastard. Did you say anything like that? Is the child of Rosa not yours? "

Max looked at Matt coldly. He didn't want to explain to him, so he drove directly to the hospital.

"Max, I can't believe that even such a cruel man wouldn't let go of a child," Grady standing by Rosa's side. He said Grady angrily, as he came up to Max and took hold of Max's hand

"Don't think I don't know what happened between you two. Do you really want me to make it public?" Max glanced at Grady.

Grady took a look at Rosa, his momentum suddenly softened, Max pushed his hand away, "I don't need to accuse you, after all, Rosa has nothing to do with me."

Rosa shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. She walked to Max and tried to push him away by holding his sleeves. "Don't touch me. It's dirty!"

Max's words irritated Grady, and he said, "Max, you can't say Rosa like that."

"Don't think that I don't know what you have done," said Max while he placed the file bag on Grady. But unfortunately, I will let you down this time. "

Matt came to the hospital with Max, and he looked at her in grief. He didn't expect Rosa to lie to him. He pushed the wheelchair in front of her. "Rosa, is what he said true?"

Standing aside in silence, Rosa was so ashamed that her tears fell on her cheeks.

At this moment, Grady stood out and put his arm around Rosa's shoulders tightly. For the woman he loved, he had to stand out and defend himself, "right, Rosa. The child is mine. It has nothing to do with Max."

Matt let out a helpless sigh. The truth came to light. He regretted that he had been so harsh with Leila. Now that he had been cuckolded by the woman he had chosen, These things are impossible to happen in the Mu family.

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