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   Chapter 344 Abnormal Behavior

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10305

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Max left the hospital with Leila. On the way back, Leila had been staring at the side face of Max. Finally, after walking a distance, Max stopped and said, "I said why you always look at me, is there any flower on my face?"

Max turned around and looked at Leila dotingly. She was much more mellow than before because of her pregnancy, and her face became ruddy because of the awakening of Lillian. He lowered his head and put the two people's foreheads together, "if you want to know anything, just say it."

Leila looked up at him and asked, "where did you go this afternoon? I can't find you in the hospital? "

Max pressed her forehead for a long time without saying anything. After a long silence, he said slowly, "nothing. I went to see my friend."

Max turned around and took her hand to continue walking forward. Obviously, he didn't intend to continue to explain. Leila deliberately walked very slowly behind him. Feeling that the little woman behind him was a little reluctant, he turned around and suddenly picked her up horizontally. "It seems that you are very tired."

Leila was so surprised that she put her hands around his neck. The familiar smell of the man came to her face. "What are you doing?"

Looking at her unwillingness, the corner of Max's mouth raised, "look at you walking so slowly, probably tired, so I hold you to go."

Leila glared at him with dissatisfaction. There were tears in her eyes, but she felt that Max seemed to be hiding something from her, and she was depressed.

When Leila opened the door at the door of the apartment, Max held her and went upstairs directly. Leila was still depressed and couldn't get down with her hands around his neck. Max still had a smile on his face. Looking at Leila's noise, he was in a good mood. "Well, stop it, honey. Get up quickly. I'm going to cook."

Leila was put on the big bed by Max, and his coat was on the armrest of the sofa. Leila glanced at something like a card sliding down from his pocket. She stood up vigilantly and picked it up to have a look. It was actually a room card of a hotel. Leila's body was like falling into an ice cave, and she silently wrote down the room number of the hotel.

Max, as usual, cooked the food and came to the room to ask Leila to go down for dinner. Just when he opened his mouth, Leila turned over with her back to him for a long time. Obviously, this woman was not happy now.

"Leila, what's wrong?"

Leila suddenly turned around and looked at him. Max's eyes were soft. She saw her own reflection in his eyes. His eyes were clear and sincere. When Leila ran into his eyes, there was no reason for her to lose her temper.

His long fingers scratched her nose, "then tell me what kind of temper you are having. Leila, if you don't tell me why you act like this, I can punish you?"

Leila pressed her lips and gave him a look, "well, if you dare to do something out of line, such as going to a hotel without permission and dating your old lover, I will never forgive you!"

Max was stunned. It seemed that Leila said it on purpose or

n the face of Dan's enthusiasm, Max accepted it at first, but in the end, it turned into a joint drink of two people. Spencer looked at Max beside him, who had already drunk a lot. Max looked at his wrist watch in a daze and planned to leave here at any time.

Seeing that Max was almost drunk, Matt waved his hand. When Max stood up to leave, he suddenly felt dizzy. Spencer helped him sit down on the sofa to have a rest. Looking at the time, he had already forgotten the agreement with Rosa. The only thing he remembered now was Leila.

"Send me back to my apartment. She's at home alone."

Spencer took a look at Matt. Matt shook his head and kept letting him rest. Soon, Max fell asleep heavily on the sofa.

Matt commanded Dan and Spencer to help him get on the car. "Hurry up!"

Spencer shook his head helplessly and said, "you are trying to cover up the truth. My brother wakes up and he will make trouble with you!"

"I can't care so much. I can't lose this son, nor can the Mu Group!"

Spencer smiled sadly. Max was not stupid. When he woke up and found that he was cheated by Matt, he would be furious. At that time, he would still leave the mess to Matt to clean up.

The group of people got on the car and rushed to the airport quickly. The private plane was already waiting there. Dan and Spencer carried Max on the plane, and Matt quickly ordered the plane to take off as soon as possible.

"Just wait and see. My brother will know when he wakes up and finds you!"

"Shut up. You don't do anything good. You only talk back to me all day long. If you can be half as capable as your brother, I won't bother so much!"

Spencer said with a calm face, "now everything has been done as you said. What else are you dissatisfied with? I'm reminding you now!"

Matt didn't care and snorted, "take good care of him."

Spencer pursed his lips. It seemed that it was not a little bit that Matt deviated from the Max. He looked at the sleeping Max beside him, as if he could already guess the inevitable quarrel between the two!

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