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   Chapter 291 A Sweet Scene

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9581

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She fell asleep gradually. It was a good night.

When Leila got up, Charles had already made breakfast for her. He was about to wake her up, but he thought that Leila was pregnant now and needed enough nutrition and sleep, so he prepared breakfast for her.

"Good morning, Charles. Why do you get up so early today?"

Charles waved to Leila, "come and have breakfast. You have to accompany me to the hospital today."

With an surprised look on her face, Leila asked Charles, "what happened?"

Charles shook his head. He received a call from the UK last time and was told that Lillian might be able to wake up. Now, he was studying Lillian's various conditions in the hospital.

Charles didn't tell Leila about the truth. He didn't want to disappoint her because all the reports of Lillian had not come out. So he said, "nothing. I'm going to have a meeting in the hospital. You can go to see your mother."

Originally, Leila didn't want to go out today, but thinking that Lillian was still in the hospital, she nodded, "I will go with you later."

What Charles meant was simple. If the examination report was qualified, he would tell Leila the good news in the hospital. If the report was not up to standard, he would pretend nothing had happened.

After Leila had a simple breakfast, Charles told her to drink up the milk.

Leila picked up her coat and followed Charles out. "Let's go. What if you are late for the meeting?"

Charles said with a smile, "So you are worrying about me, aren't you?"

Sitting on the passenger seat, Leila blinked. "You have helped me a lot. I don't want you to delay your work because of me."

Charles touched Leila's head with deep affection and said, "all right, don't think like that. We are..."

"We have been friends for many years!"

Leila was the first to speak. Charles wanted to find a replacement, but Leila was the first one. He understood Leila's meaning. No matter what he said, Leila had been a good friend for many years. But his disappointment could not be revealed. He had always hidden his emotions well.

When they arrived at the hospital, Charles took Leila to Lillian's ward. He had a few words with her before he went to the meeting room.

The moment Leila went in, a young nurse came in, "Hello. Are you miss song? "

Leila turned around and nodded. She looked at the nurse and found that this nurse had a strange face. The smile on her face was so sweet, which was totally different from the one she had seen before. "I am... Excuse me, who are you ?"

The nurse grinned, "I'm new here. I'm in charge of taking care of your mother."

Leila came to her senses. Last time she had a quarrel with a few nurses, and Charles found it, so he fired them all. Until today, Leila remembered this. "You have been taking care of my mother these days, haven't you?"

The nurse nodded

According to what Zed said, Rosa showed him the news about Leila and connection of Veron. The man's expression was unusually calm, and he looked at Leila. But that woman would rather go to see Veron by scolding instead of seeing him. He pushed Rosa's hand away with disappointment and said " to America"

Rosa burst into tears of joy. If it weren't for Leila, it wouldn't have been so many days for Max not to go to America. She rushed to Zed's office with excitement, "he agreed."

A hint of complexity flashed through Zed's eyes. If he agreed, then Leila would probably disappear from his world completely.

With the consent of Max, Zed and Matt started to prepare. At last, they decided to take a private plane to America after three days. Rosa would accompany them to take care of Max.

Leila had been turning on the grassland outside the hospital since afternoon. She didn't stop until it was getting dark and Charles walked towards her.

Seeing the complicated expression on Leila's face, Charles felt a little uneasy. He didn't know what she was thinking about. He sat beside Leila and asked, "what are you thinking about? It will take a long time for you to make the decision. "

Leila shook her head, "no, I just worry that the more expectation I have, the more disappointed I will be. You know, my mother is the closest person to me."

Charles nodded. He patted Leila on the shoulder and said, "all right. Don't think too much. There is always a solution."

Leila nodded and sat down on the bench. "By the way, the nurses in the ward are very good, and she takes good care of my mother."

"I'm glad you like it." said Charles, smiling

Leila suddenly turned to look at him. "Charles, thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for us."

Charles touched her head with love and tenderness and said, "silly girl, do you forget that we have been good friends for many years?"

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