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   Chapter 288 An Abandoned Woman

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10118

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Leila's cold words disgusted Astrid. Why did she beg for her? And when she married to Veron and became Veron's wife, she would start to taunt her again.

Seeing that Leila didn't have much patience, Astrid really hoped that he could take Leila to Veron right now and see how he humiliated her.

Despite that, she still pretended to be scared and worried. She said, "I want to have a baby, but Veron doesn't agree. I know he loves you the most, so I want to invite you to stay with me..."

Astrid wasn't going to admit her defeat in an imposing manner. She had done so many bad things to Leila, and it had been not easy for Leila to show up here. Now, she had to go to Veron for her own sake. She wasn't sure if Leila would agree to her request. "

Leila frowned, "Why are you so sure that I can persuade Veron?"

"That's what Veron said. As long as you are willing to see him again, he is willing to let me have the baby!" Astrid said urgently. Seeing that Leila was a little hesitant, with tears rolling down her face and nose, "child, I just want a child now!"

With things as such, Leila put aside all the old grudges, nodded and said, "Okay, I promise you."

"Can you really help me?"

Astrid was so excited that she held Leila's hand tightly. Leila immediately drew back her hand and said, "calm down, you know that our relationship is not what it used to be. This is the last time!"

Said Astrid, nodding. She didn't care about how many things she had done for herself, for Veron, and for love. She didn't care about whether she had made a mistake or not as long as she could be Mrs. Lian.

Seeing the complexity in Leila's eyes, Astrid sneered. If it wasn't for herself, how could she beg Leila? Leila had nothing to do with her and Veron in the future.

Then the woman grabbed Leila's hand tightly as if she had grasped a life-saving straw. "Leila, if you can help me, please do help me!"

Leila didn't withdraw her hand, but stared carefully at Astrid. "I hope it's your own choice!

It was getting late when she came out. Astrid let out a long sigh. She really hoped that the time of tomorrow could come earlier. If her plan succeeded, she could be with Veron, and she could plan her own wedding peacefully.

Leila walked out of the room. She looked at the petite figure of Astrid and felt helpless. She didn't expect that it was her who stayed with Veron in the end. This woman had fallen in love with Veron deeply.

Even Astrid had something to ask for help from Leila, she didn't say anything to regret. Leila shook her head helplessly. It seemed that this woman had a strong character.

When Leila returned to the apartment, Charles had already prepared dinner for her. Seeing her come back, he immediately handed her slippers. Leila was stunned. "Charles, don't do this to me. I can do it myself."

"I did this not for you, but for the baby in your belly. I'm afraid you might hurt the baby on your knees." said Charles, with an embarrassed smile on his face

Leila gratefully

him talking happily, as if he were a father to be. Her eyes darkened. She put the bowl on the table after a quick bite. "I'm full."

Seeing that Leila changed so quickly, Charles could probably guess what she meant. He packed up his things and said a few words to her. Then he closed the door.

The man stood at the door for a long time, unwilling to leave. He obviously loved her, but he had no courage to express his love. Perhaps he had already known the answer, but he was still unwilling to leave.

Leila felt a little complicated. She didn't know what exactly had happened between her and Charles. Charles had cared about her too much, which was beyond the reach of a good friend. Leila was really worried that if things went on like this, their secret would be uncovered. She didn't know how to face Charles at that time.

It was a sleepless night for Leila. She slept for a while when the sun rose. She dreamed of Max, which was covered with blood. She opened her eyes in horror, and when the day became brighter outside, her mobile phone kept ringing. When she picked up the phone and saw the name of Astrid, she didn't want to answer it subconsciously. Leila unwillingly answered the phone, as she had promised before.

"Got it."

After saying the cold words Leila hang up the phone.

Astrid told her that the place where she would meet Veron was in a hotel. Without any hesitation, she packed up and went out of the room. Charles was also in a suit today. He was surprised to see that Leila didn't wear any house clothes today. "Leila, are you going out?"

Leila nodded and told him that she would go to the hotel today because she had promised to help Astrid. Charles said nothing but drove her there later. And Leila didn't refuse.

"Come on, cheers!" Veron said to Astrid with one hand holding a glass of red wine

As a matter of fact, Astrid was pregnant. But still, Veron was smoking and drinking in front of her. "Darling, don't you forget that I can't drink since I have a baby?"

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